EHA Skincare recently introduced Klenskin to their specially curated range of skin care products, a fact that had my female colleagues squealing in delight, which as an admittedly grubby male of youngish persuasion, normally isn’t something I would even care about. However, the new product was a sunscreen-infused cleanser for your face, body and hair and that is something that actually piqued my interest as I am rather into sports and am not as diligent as I should be about the reapplication of sunscreen every two hours (I mean seriously, who is right?).

So when my editor asked around about who would like to trial the products, I pushed my squealing female colleagues aside (literally) and volunteered my services, and that’s basically how I got myself a bottle of Klenskin Spa Shower On Sunscreen to test drive.

My first chance to use it was the very next day, at my regular basketball pickup game. Rather than go through my usual topical sunscreen rigamarole, I simply had a nice long shower – lathering my hair, face, and body, protecting it all in one simple step, no additional lotion necessary since the cleanser is also packed with antioxidants and moisturising ingredients!

Klenskin is the perfect size to pop into my gym bag when I head out to BBall or the gym.

What I first noticed was the fact that it doesn’t lather that much as my usual shower gel, which wasn’t an issue for me, but you should probably keep that in mind if you like lots of bubbles. Secondly, there wasn’t the usual sticky feeling that almost every single sunscreen I have used leaves behind on my skin, which makes it a far more pleasant and faster experience. The only difference it has from a normal shower gel is that you have to leave it on your skin and hair for two-minutes (according to instructions on the bottle, but we were told by the distributor that this isn’t actually necessary as it adheres to the skin instantly – the science will be explained during the Tried & Tested review that is coming up in February). Also, be sure to pat yourself dry instead of towelling yourself off with rigorously as I like to do.

The Klenskin Shower-on Sunscreen comes in two variants, scented (that’s the one that I tried) and unscented (which Nick from Taming the Beast will be trying out in his column), retails at $65 a bottle and is available at both EHA Clinic (1 Scotts Road #15-01) and EHA Skincare (1 Scotts Road #03-28) and online at EHA Skincare’s e-store.