Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and eating as much as you can without an ounce of guilt. The only question that remains is if we should limit the feasting only on Christmas day or extend the gluttony until the end of the year, to make it truly a season to be jolly (and fat.. ho! ho! ho!).

So, we asked ourselves, how can we maximise the time from now until the end of the holiday season? The answer was very simple. BUFFETS! So, after some exhaustive research, here are three great options for Christmas buffets here in Singapore.

Brunch in the clouds at Stellar, 1-Altitude


1 Altitude
Image courtesy Stellar Restaurant

There are few places with a better view of the Singapore skyline than Stellar at 1-Altitude and what better way to enjoy the festive season, than with a brunch overlooking the entire city. Free-flow of prosecco and a wide variety of Christmas goodies make this S$140 extravagance worth it. This Aussie restaurant has an award-winning chef, as well as a classy ambience, so be warned that flip-flops and berms aren’t exactly welcome there. To make a booking call them on 6438 0410. Address: 1 Raffles Place, 048616.

Lime offers a sparkling time this Christmas

Lime at Park Royal
Image courtesy of Lime at Park Royal Pickering

Lime at Park Royal on Pickering is offering their diners a wide selection with lunch and dinner buffets going on this holiday season. Their festive menu is packed with traditional Christmas goodies that make this one of the happiest seasons every year. The great news is that their deals start as low as S$60, so maybe you should make your reservation now.
To make a booking call them on 6809 8899. Address: 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289.

Royale at Mecure is bringing the world to your plate

Royal at Mercure
Image courtesy of Royale at Mecure

Royale is offering everyone 40 delicious dishes to try this Christmas and I honestly cannot wait to taste every single one of them. Choose from pork knuckle to honey glazed ham to the delicious custom-made desserts that are guaranteed to give you some Christmas spirit. Prices start from S$48, and you’ll have a choice between the festive buffet, Christmas buffet and New Year’s Eve parties going on. To make a booking call them on 65216088. Address: 122 Middle Road, 188973, Singapore.

Well, there you go, these are our top three choices painstakingly selected by a bunch of hungry writers, who are now eating cup noodles and thinking about buffets. We’ll see you guys there (once the boss gives us our Christmas bonus that is).

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