Christmas is the one time of the year that everyone in the family pretends to be nice to each other – and are forced to spend time together exchanging gifts they will most likely end up returning or regifting.

It is also the greatest time for binge-watching movies by yourself or with people you called loved-ones. This is the time of year that you can kick back and watch those films that if you watched at any other time would not make sense or make people think you were lonely and weird.

Closeup on young woman watching tv in loft apartmentYes folks, its that time. So grab your popcorn, a litre or two of your preferred drink and get ready to become a couch potato.

Elf (2003)


This might be Will Ferrell’s crowning glory after all is said and done. This modern-day classic is an ode to every childhood dream we have ever had, portrayed on screen by a talented, if somewhat goofy actor, and will definitely get you in the Christmas mood. If you want to watch it, its available to stream on Netflix.

Home Alone (1990)

Home aloneOne of the biggest movies of the 90’s was “Home Alone”. This cult classic and Macaulay Culkin’s big break has been a staple movie experience for a lot of us 80’s kids. Now it can be yours as well. This film makes you nostalgic like no other and is available to purchase on iTunes or you can find it online.

Bad Santa (2003)

bad santaMaybe this isn’t your family-friendly fair, but if you’re looking for a hilarious and raunchy comedy with a Christmas theme, this might be it. Billy Bob Thornton is at his very best in this Santa-comedy and guarantees a laughter-filled Christmas. It reminds us how good the year 2003 was for Christmas movies and is available to purchase on iTunes or you can find it online.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

arthur-christmasThis 2011 classic is perfect for the family and also guaranteed not to make you fall asleep with your kids. A witty, intelligent and overall fun movie, this is perfect for the adult and the child at the same. Follow the story of Santa’s logistics and tech empire behind the delivery of toys to the billions of kids around the world.

This movie is perfect for an afternoon matinee after a huge lunch and is available to stream on Netflix.

There you have it. Four classic selections to choose from to get you into the Christmas mood. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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