Christmas has come early for all you J-beauty lovers out there. Japan’s leading drugstore brand, KOSÉ Cosmeport, has finally landed in Singapore and have brought along three of their bestselling beauty brands – Je l’aime, Softymo and Clear Turn.

Je l’aime FULVOS is a delightfully scented range of silicone-free, gentle hair care for women who want a head of beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. This range of hair care was created to help resolve individual hair concerns, from dry scalp and hair to damaged hair issues.


The Fulvos series brightens hair with its hydrating Hyaluronic acid, apple fruit extract and sweet japonica extract. The fulvic acid in this series helps remove build up like metal ions and calcium deposits from your hair and scalp.

Je l’aime FULVOS Bright & Moist Shampoo $18.90 / 500ml.
Je l’aime FULVOS Bright & Moist Treatment $18.90 / 500ml.
Je l’aime FULVOS Bright & Moist Hair Mask $18.90 / 230ml.

CLEAR TURN is Japan’s number one selling sheet mask for the past 11 years. This high demand sheet mask is made of a blend of popular beautifying ingredients to counter every skincare issue.


Clear Turn Babyish White Mask ($6.90 for a pack of 7 masks) is enriched with vitamin C and strawberry geranium, this masks helps to reduce inflammation, lighten dark acne scars and any discolourations.

Clear Turn Babyish Moisturising Mask ($6.90 for a pack of 7 masks) quenches even the thirstiest skin with its Hyaluronic acid, Lipidure and Trehalose which hydrates and prevents moisture loss.

Clear Turn Babyish Lustrous Mask ($6.90 for a pack of 7 masks) is perfect for dull and lacklustre complexions with its honey glycerin and collagen that helps to nourish and brighten.

Clear Turn Black Mask ($13.90 for a box of 5) minimises the appearance of pores while soothing and restoring the skin.

Clear Turn White Mask ($13.90 for a box of 5) with Hyaluronic acid, hydrates and traps moisture within the skin, to leave it looking plumper and healthier.


Softymo offers a wide range of skin care products, with a special focus on facial cleansers and washes.

Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil $16.90 is a lightweight and silky oil that glides on effortlessly and rinses off the day, including stubborn waterproof makeup, with minimum effort and no greasy residue.

Softymo Lachesca Hot Gel Cleansing $23.90 gel cleanser warms up on contact with the skin to deeply cleanse and remove impurities and makeup. Artichoke extract helps to minimise the appearance of pores.