Did you know that around 80% of ageing is said to be caused by the environment, while 20% is purely biological?

Hot on the heels of the launch of its six groundbreaking serums in June this year, SOTHYS completes its youth protocol with their five new Youth Creams that work to leave skin radiant, by restoring the brightness of youth to the face, allowing users to feel younger than their biological age. 

Youth Cream - group packshot

This range is designed exclusively to reduce the visible effects of time by protecting the youth capital at all ages, by taking a double action on the signs of ageing with the exclusively designed βP3 Tri-complex™ – which combines two botanical active ingredients with new generation peptides – incorporated in all five of the newly launched Youth Creams.

This innovative youth solution combines two botanical active ingredients with new generation peptides that serve a double action :

Firstly to fight against oxidative stress and secondly, to fight against the signs of chronological ageing.

The powerful duo of saffron and sophora protect the skin daily by optimising traps for free radicals, stimulating antioxidant defence systems and stimulating skin regeneration systems.



Concurrently, a pool of peptides works to diminish the signs of visible chronological ageing to limit the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and slackened skin. Regardless of its age, skin is positively defended against oxidative stress and prevented from its subsequent harmful effects, thereby preserving its youth capital.

Wrinkle-targeting Youth Cream + motive

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Joey from Livewell Woman, Jessica from Sothys Singapore, Kristen from Lifestyle Collective and Lifestyle Blogger Alethea at the SOTHYS SINGAPORE Youth Cream media launch.

Each Youth Cream retails at $139 and will be available at all SOTHYS salons islandwide.