Protecting your skin from the sun is one of your best defences against premature ageing and of course, maintaining a fairer and brighter complexion.  And these days, oral supplements are becoming more and more popular when it comes to achieving total sun protection.

EstheWhite and EstheShield by BeautéScience are two of the latest products to hit the market… 

Formulated in the United States, these supplements work from the inside to complement topical beauty products. Suitable for all skin types, they are designed to enhance brightening benefits, provide more comprehensive defence against UV rays, and help you achieve that coveted inner radiance.

BeautéScience’s researchers have found that colourless carotenoids – phytoene and phytofluene – are nature’s most effective skin-brightening ingredients. Carotenoids – pigments that give fruits and vegetables their colours – are also antioxidants. The human body cannot produce them naturally, but we can get them from the plants we eat.

EstheWhite packs a high concentration of colourless carotenoids from non-genetically modified tomatoes. Unlike regular carotenoids, the ones used in EstheWhite are completely colourless and won’t stain the skin. When taken once a day in the morning, this supplement is said to inhibit melanin formation – and this in turn reduces the likelihood of dark spots and an uneven skin tone. Aside from its brightening properties, EstheWhite reportedly provides skin with sun protection and also helps reduce redness.


For further sun protection you could enhance your skin’s defence against harmful UV rays by using EstheShield. It contains extract from a natural fern from the Amazon rainforest, Polypodium leucotomos, which is proven to protect skin from sun exposure.

EstheShield is said to provide skin with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients for a well-rounded defence against all kinds of daily stressors. It is also believed to soothe irritated skin, creating optimal conditions for your skin to repair itself.

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