Cin Cin ( – Over 500 different gin-based drinks to choose from.

Friday night is the best or the worst night to go out in Singapore, depending on whom you ask…

Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, you’d almost be forgiven for not knowing this place exists. The area doesn’t scream nightlife and if you’re unfamiliar with the area, chances are you’d struggle to find it.

Cin Cin is located in the Oasia Downtown Hotel at Peck Seah Street, an open concept new-age bar. Its claim to fame is their extensive gin collection. Being a gin-lover and self-proclaimed connoisseur, I was very impressed with their selection.

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Start of the Night

If I don’t head out on a Friday, I tend to feel like I’ve let myself down, so I made plans to head into town for a drink or seven.

Cin Cin seemed the logical choice to be honest. My friend and I like food, we both wanted to try something a bit different and Tanjong Pagar isn’t that far away. So to Cin Cin we ventured.

Photo: cincinsg

A word of caution to the weary traveler. Cin Cin isn’t a place for someone who wants a beer and nuts, either you love gin or you go to your neighbourhood waterhole. There are other drinks besides gin, but why would you go to Cin Cin if you don’t like gin.

The Bar

Cin Cin is a nice open concept bar, which I tend to prefer. Less stuffy and likely to not be too loud. Reaching around 9.30pm, the bar was half full with the seats at the bar fully booked for the rest of the night. Which generally means, people come for the show as well as the drinks.

I can’t begin to describe the décor other than it was not too flashy and comfortable. The open concept I mentioned made it a casual feel without encouraging people to turn up in flip flops and singlets. The noise level was conducive to conversation and the house DJ had an interesting taste in music. Top 40’s, some alternative and generally decent background music.


Let’s get straight to the point. We like to drink and you go to a bar to drink. So here goes.


My drink: Violette Szabo
A light drink with maybe a touch too much cucumber, but overall very pleasing. The prosecco was a nice touch and gave the drink a distinct flavour.

My friend’s drink: Sambucus Toxin
Citrus, sweet and overall delicious experience. I probably drank quite a bit of the other drink as well.

We also tried the all-day specials, which is generally not the best in show, but will do when you’re trying not break the bank. We chose the Summer Quencher, which was a light cocktail that was refreshing and a great way to either start or end the night.

Would I go again?

Overall, I quite enjoyed my time at Cin Cin. I think it’s a perfect place for a couple of friends to grab a few drinks and have a conversation.

The drinks were good, but I felt could have been better. This is based on a very small sample size, so take my ratings with a pinch of salt. I’m definitely going back to try the rest of their drinks menu and might give their food menu a try as well.


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