For movie nerds and comic junkies the world over, summer can never come too soon, because July is the month for the annual San Diego Comic Con!

During this four-day event, everything movie-, comic- and toy-related is unveiled to a loyal audience whose ranks grow ever larger by the year. They’re also treated to teasers and trailers of all the upcoming year’s new movies and tv series.

Genres of choice are sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and horror. And for those of us not able to attend in person, we wait with baited breath for these trailers to break on YouTube!

Like every other comic fan, I was eagerly anticipating the premieres of the new Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok trailers, and both did not disappointed. The competition between DC and Marvel has obviously gone up a few gears, with both trailers introducing new characters from each comic universe in explosive live-action debuts!

But there are several less well publicised movies being teased too. The 3D animation for new Jaegers being introduced in the Pacific Rim sequel look incredible. In an ideal world the movie-makers would just allow the iconic mechs to take centre-stage for the majority of the movie, but as we’ve all seen in the dismal Transformers franchise, robots are invariably pushed aside to make way for wishy-washy storylines about the human protagonists. Having said that, I am a fan of the first Pacific Rim and Guillermo del Toro did a fantastic job of realising his vision on-screen. Now all that means to be seen is that John Bodega (Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) is able to carry the movie in the leasing role… Idris Elba’s are big shoes to fill.

Speaking of Guillermo del Toro, I shared the disappointment of all Hellboy fans when it was announced that he would not be directing the Hellboy reboot and that Ron Perlman would not be reprising the role that he was so surely built for. But with The Shape of Water, it seems that del Toro is sneakily getting his own back at the loss of the franchise. Just watch the trailer (and the main star of the show) and you’ll notice so many subtle clues and story elements that point to the other main protagonist of the Hellboy movies – his amphibious sidekick Abe Sapien. To all intents and purposes, this should have been called something like Abe Sapien: Origins!  But del Toro vehemently denies this. Nevertheless it’ll be good to see one of his movies on the big screen again.

Small-screen dramas are also promising big things. Apart from all the Marvel and DC titles rolling out new seasons of their regular shows, there are other highly anticipated franchises coming – Stranger Things 2, Inhumans, Defenders, etc. – but I’m really curious about the upcoming Will Smith vehicle, Bright on Netflix.

There’s been a huge debate as to how Netflix is threatening Hollywood by delivering cinema-worthy material on their network – making it far more accessible to the public-at-large; and therefore threatening movie ticket sales… The recent and superb Okja was a case in point. More about that in an upcoming post.

The Bright trailer promises some cool-looking effects and an interesting premise for its storyline – a contemporary world where we share our everyday lives with elves and other creatures of fantasy. The film had a huge budget and why remains to be seen now is if such projects translate well to the small screen, or would have actually been better suited to the more expansive setting of cinema… Time will tell.

Anyway, now for your viewing pleasure, here’s a compilation of teasers and trailers from the first two days of Comic Con – look out for your favourites!