With all the recent revelations about the extent of animal cruelty taking place in the dairy industry, I have opted for a kinder solution to satisfy my milk needs…

Now, instead of grabbing a carton of dairy milk at the grocery store (and by the way, according to recent research, dairy milk can actually cause calcium loss from our bones – completely defeating the whole purpose of drinking it) I pick up a carton of either rice or oat milk instead.


Rice milk is the most hypoallergenic of all milk products. People with lactose intolerance or casein allergy cannot have dairy, and those with soy or nut allergies cannot drink soy or almond milk. This makes rice milk a good option for those unable to tolerate other milk alternatives.

In a nutshell, rice milk can improve digestion as it makes the intestines work more efficiently, promoting healthy intestinal flora, and prevents that bloated feeling we sometimes get after a meal.

Rice milk contains many nutrients and vitamins but it doesn’t contain all of the minerals you need in the day, like calcium. Beverages made from nuts or oats have more nutrients, so I would recommend that you just use rice milk as a supplement to your healthy daily diet and not assume that it will cover all the nutrients that you need for the day, because it won’t. But it’s a great addition to your life – a tasty drink that provides energy and promotes good digestion.

Taste: It tastes like very mildly salted and sweetened rice, with a consistency very similar to dairy milk but slightly grainy.

Price: S$3.95 – S$6.00

(Disclaimer: These views are merely the opinion of the writer and are in no way meant to discredit other milk alternatives.)