By Julie-Ann Sherlock

It’s Friday night, and you are looking glam AF. You got your hair done, your makeup is on point and that oh-so-sexy, slinky dress and killer heels combo will have your boyfriend drooling. Damn, girl! 

You head out on your date, turning heads as you go, meet your boyfriend and enjoy his compliments on how you look “hawt as hell”. As the evening progresses, you head back to his place and bam: it’s like a rabid dog dragged you through a bush backwards. 

What the heck happened? 


What Is Boyfriend Air?

There have yet to be any scientific studies on this so-called phenomenon of Boyfriend Air. Still, there seems to be quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that it exists. 

Well, according to TikTok, at least. 

But what is it? 

Boyfriend Air seems to be a combination of things that happen when you have a guy. Whether it’s a full-on relationship or a situationship, hanging out with a lover on the regular can mess with your looks. Let’s break it down into the components, and then you can decide whether it is a real issue. 

Messy Hair, I Don’t Care!

Ok, time for me to ‘fess up. My hair is usually messy. I have unmanageable curls that turn to frizz, especially in humid weather. But I make an effort when dating, getting it perfectly straightened or curled by my fantastic hairdresser. However, I can go out looking like a goddess from a shampoo commercial, meet my guy, and within hours, it’s like a wild bush has replaced my hair. 

I’m not alone. It seems to be a fairly common occurrence for many women. The theory is that even if you are not getting your hair tossed during a tussle between the sheets, cuddling up to your guy and him stroking your hair can play all sorts of havoc with your sleek do. 

Like all of us, their hands have oils and bacteria which are transferred when they so lovingly sweep the hair off our face or stroke the back of our head as they talk. And, some of us fiddle with our hair more when flirting, adding to the oils and disruption. 

If you end up staying over at his place, a whole other set of factors enter the relationship. Everything from the type of shampoo/conditioner he has to the water hardness may differ from what your locks are used to and mess them up. And unless you come prepared with a suitcase full of your usual products, you are not treating your hair like you do at home. 

Then there are his pillowcases and sheets to contend with. I am not saying boys are less hygienic (well, some are). But, they may not change their pillowcases as regularly as you would, they may use a different detergent and/or fabric softener, and the cotton quality may not be as good as the satin or silk pillowcase you are used to laying your sweet head on. 

Add in the fact that they may have had their head on that pillow, too, leaving a residue of oils and products for your hair to soak up. 

And that is how “Boyfriend Air” can play havoc with your hair. 

From Glowing Skin To Spotty Outbreaks

Similar to your hair issues, your skin can become a victim of Boyfriend Air. Your once flawless face can become a mess of spots, dry or greasy patches and can lose some of its glow. 

Again, this can be down to factors such as him touching your face, the pillowcases, and not having your proper products to hand when you have a sleepover. You might feel you are a good girl by removing your makeup using his facewash, but the ingredients are probably all wrong for your delicate skin. Or maybe you don’t want him to wake up not recognising you, so you commit the cardinal sin of leaving your “face” on before hitting the hay. 

This lack of giving your skin the care it needs, even just occasionally, can lead to a clogging of pores or too much oil triggering acne outbreaks. It can make your skin lose its sheen and look dull and lacklustre. 

Getting Down Can Feel Not Dirty

Some women actually feel dirty (and not the good kind of “durty”) after spending extended time with their fella. Other factors could be that you relax more now that you have a partner, so do not put the same effort into your beauty regime or have a less healthy diet when you hang out. 

So what can you do? Dump him? Carry a massive handbag with all the essentials? Insist he stays at your place? Hire him a cleaner who only uses products you approve of? Perhaps. 

Or, maybe, just embrace the new, slightly less slick version of yourself and bask in the love. I know what I choose!