If you like alcohol, would like to explore your inner artist, simply need to destress, are looking for something fun to do over the weekend (or week), don’t fancy strolling around the mall with your bae, have functioning hands and fingers, then you absolutely must attend one of PaintBlush’s Sip ‘n Paint sessions.

Even if you don’t have even an ounce of creativity within you, the whole point of Paintblush is to enter a safe, judgement-free space where you can quite literally let your creative beast out, to prance about and play, and rediscover the joy of being free to create, no holds barred.

Paintblush, is an experience-centric art jamming studio, but unlike a typical art class, their three-hour sessions will have you sipping beverages of your choice, while painting a picture you can select from a huge variety of reference images (on their website), supervised by an experienced art instructor, who will offer a step-by-step demonstration, but still allow you to interpret the image as you see fit. There are no hard and fast rules, just gentle guidance and help if required, and a whole lot of space and materials to have fun with.

What Exactly Is Sip ‘n’ Paint?

At Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint art jamming studio, you can experience the joy of blending art jamming and drinking (plus snacking), combined with great music. Think of it as a party for your creative soul.

The studio is welcoming, airy, clean and spacious, with multiple toilets, a photo-wall and complimentary photo-session.

How Paintblush Came About

Having experienced the uplifting and stress-relieving experience first hand in Melbourne, photography studio owner, Ashley Low, together with 23-year-old student entrepreneur, Teck Yong, decided to launch Paintblush, with the goal of providing people from different walks of life, an opportunity to discover a whole new side to themselves.

What people fail to realise is that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ or ‘right’ art piece. Instead, it is all about the artist or painter being able to integrate their unique personality and character into the piece. We are not here to teach, we are here to guide everyone towards infusing their unique interpretation of the chosen image into their painting, and even if participants choose to paint the same picture, their unique take during the process makes all their pieces different and special be it having yellow skies or purple sunflowers,” – Ashley Low, co-founder of Paintblush. 

The Classes And Prices

There are three types of classes to choose from. Non-Guided Art Jam $22/2hrs (suitable for those with art experience, and just want a studio space and materials to express themselves), Soft-Guided Art Jam $32/2hrs ( for those with some art experience, but would like to have some guidance, just in case they need it), and Sip ‘n’ Paint Signature Art Jam $59, $69 or $79/3hrs (which is what I attended) which is perfect for art newbies, or if you want to hang out with your family, friends or colleagues, while creating art and having a great time.

All three sessions come with paints, canvas, brushes, a glass water jar, and a cleaning cloth. Food and beverages can be brought along by yourself. I would suggest a chilled bottle of wine (glasses and refrigerator available at the studio), and perhaps a cheese plate, in case you get the munchies.

So step out of your comfort zone this weekend and book your slot at Paintblush today! Trust me, you will have a blast, and will definitely want to go back again, and again!