For me personally, the best skincare and hair care products are those that will help me take care of my skin and hair over the long term, rather than just temporarily improving their appearance. As a form of self-care, I firmly believe that it’s crucial to invest in the health of your skin and hair. When I say ‘invest’ I don’t mean you need to buy the most expensive product in the market, but you need to buy something that does more than just give you temporary results.

While I am quite familiar with the brand, I had never actually tried their products before, which is why I ended up deciding to trial and review the product myself, instead of assigning the story to one of the team (one of the benefits of being the editor).

A Quick Look At The Alchemy Collection

The Oribe Hair Alchemy Collection was created specifically for fragile, breakage-prone strands – and they recently added the Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque to the line. This decadent and buttery soft treatment masque deeply conditions while fortifying hair from the inside out, and has been specially designed for those with inherently weak strands of all hair types.

Why I’m Obsessed With The Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque

The intensely hydrating formula is said to be able to restore the elasticity of brittle locks, and prevent breakage, allowing hair to grow longer, stronger and healthier.

While my hair is not breakage-prone, it can get dry due to daily washing, and my scalp tends to get irritated easily, so I am usually cautious with what products I use on my hair (and skin). Luckily for me, the product did not cause a reaction, instead, it left my hair looking, smelling, and feeling so very soft and silky smooth!

The silicone-free formula taps into nature’s ancient superfoods and phyto-technology to renew strands. Moisture-magnifying shea butter and yacón root quench and nourish weak hair, while the brand’s Curative Blend (made up of chia seed, plant-based protein and bio-fermented bamboo leaf) penetrate deeply into the hair cortex to form a protective scaffold around each strand to prevent breakage caused by brushing, styling and external aggressors.

The Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque can be used as a daily intensive conditioner for those with highly textured or especially parched locks, or once a week on finer strands to treat brittle hair. I have naturally thick hair, and personally like using it as a daily conditioner, which I leave on for a minute to work its healing magic.

The Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque retails for $95/150ml and will be available online, and at Oribe Salon Partners nationwide. Visit to locate an Oribe salon near you.