By Karen Espig

Plants look great in the home, but they are so much more than just decor, as it turns out. Did you know that having healthy plants in your home can improve your mood, productivity, and creativity?

Need some luck? There’s a plant for that! Let’s take a closer look!

Improve Emotional And Mental Health

Having plants in your immediate environment can reduce stress, lessen symptoms of depression and PTSD, and improve productivity and creativity. So, improving all aspects of the quality of life, basically!

Just looking at and smelling plants gives us feel-good moments. Studies support the theory that they are actually doing good for us too.

Better Air Quality

Who doesn’t want cleaner air? Plants can clean the air by absorbing various volatile organic compounds (VOCs), increasing humidity levels and producing oxygen. 

In 1989, NASA conducted a study to measure the reduction of the chemicals benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene in plants. They determined these chemicals were reduced, even when significant foliage was not present. The roots and stems are working on it too! 

If you wish to learn more, one of the NASA researchers wrote a book: How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants That Purify Your Home or Office.

Studies also show that rooms filled with plants can reduce airborne moulds and bacteria by up to 60%. And for allergy sufferers, they act as natural filters for airborne particles, especially foliage with textured leaves like violets. Be sure to avoid plants with pollen or spores, though.

To increase humidity by up to 10%, be sure to add a collection of spider plants. They are easy to maintain and will improve the dry air resulting from air conditioners and furnaces.

Reduce Noise

In commercial settings, plants have long been used to reduce ambient noise; this improves the customer experience, meaning people stay longer and buy/eat more. The same principle may be applied at home. Certain plants are more effective than others, though, and it’s essential to place them strategically. Use large plants as a room divider or place smaller ones in groupings for the greatest effect.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice embraced by many worldwide who aim to create a harmonious living or working space. The idea is to place things in such a way as to generate positivity and bring balance to all aspects of your life. 

In Feng Shui, the colour green is associated with healing and plants are associated with the wood element (the five elements are water, wood, metal, earth, and fire). Adding plants looks great, but they also contribute to the balance of the elements in your home, potentially harnessing energy to create a harmonious coexistence between the individual and the environment. 

Be warned, however, as there are a few plants to avoid if you don’t want to spoil the vibe. Be sure to cross those off the list!

A Satisfying Hobby That Feeds You, Literally!

Growing and maintaining plants can bring a great sense of accomplishment. There is so much to learn regarding horticulture and how to adapt it to your particular home environment. While getting to the point of having a green thumb can sometimes be frustrating, the challenge and the success at the end make it all the more satisfying.

To up the accomplishment factor, grow edible plants and herbs. Basil, cilantro, and mint are all great options in window planters. If you feel confident, you can even try growing dwarf citrus trees; they smell great and add a splash of colour and interest to your home. Aloe vera is a low-maintenance plant to grow, which doubles up as a remedy for scrapes and burns.


No, this is not a disease but a love of plants. Biophilia has been well-studied for over 30 years and the conclusions overwhelmingly suggest that a connection to nature is vital for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Biophilic design is a growing (pardon the pun) philosophy in building and interior design where the emphasis is placed on replicating the experience of being outside, inside. Many of us spend most of our time inside, which may have a detrimental effect on our health and wellness

Good Luck!

It never hurts to have some random good luck come your way, and these plants are purported to bring some! As luck would have it, many are already on the Feng Shui list! 

And, even if your fortune doesn’t improve, your environment will look nicer, so it’s still a win. 
I hope this article has inspired you to add some leafy greens or floral wonders to your home, and if you have some outdoor space, keep the magic going. Exterior green spaces provide all the same benefits as indoor ones. Plus, they support the bee and bird communities in your neighbourhood, not to mention give shade from the hot sun for your beloved pets. Get growing!