By Kelly Grigg

It’s that time of year again when we make, or, all too often, BREAK, our New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps your resolution was to travel more? Or, maybe it was more internal-growth-focused, such as “I want to support other women instead of competing with them or feeling jealous.” Read on if one or both of these struck a chord within you.

As a traveller and digital nomad myself, I admit that before I put travel as a priority in my life, I looked at travel bloggers with searing envy. I felt the turmoil inside me physically, causing pain in my belly and heart. Why did they get to live this extraordinary wanderlust life and not me? Jerks! 

I decided to take back the power I was giving these women by living MY best life and following MY dreams. I began travelling in 2018, working online, and living abroad (I’m an American living in Albania). So, viewing travel influencers is now inspiring and heart-warming, not rage-inducing. Much better!

Whether you’re a current traveller or hopeful globe-trotter, it’s never wrong to get inspo from other travellers AND support women simultaneously! So I’ve dug around, and here are five incredible female travel influencers to follow in 2023. 

Kiersten “Kiki” Rich @theblondeabroad

Kiki of The Blonde Abroad is an American corporate dropout turned travel blogger. She graduated from university with honours and landed a dream job at a wealth management firm in LA. Her career path was made of gold. But, after a year of working at the firm with horrendous hours, she realised she hated her job. 

During her college years, Kiki discovered her love for travel, volunteering and philanthropy. She was now only finding joy when she volunteered, mainly with the Step Up Women’s Network. Thus, Kiki quit her job and ended up starting her blog. 

She’s now based in Cape Town and has travelled to over 70 countries. Her mission is to share her travel passion and lust for experiencing cultures while continuously supporting non-profit organisations. What’s not to love?

Anita Hendrieka @anitahendriekatravel

Full disclosure: I know Anita. As mentioned, I live in Albania, and most of you are probably thinking, “Where the heck is Albania?” Well, you’re not alone! It’s the kind of place you’d go if you wanted to travel off the beaten path and get in somewhere before it’s well-known. Fewer crowds, lower prices and a more “authentic experience” are what you can glean when you travel to a less popular destination. 

Anita, hailing from New Zealand, is THE travel influencer for this part of the world and will continue to provide insight into underrated destinations. When Anita isn’t travelling or blogging, she runs a full-blown business teaching (often FREE!) courses on the impact of blog SEO & Pinterest and how to use them for your own blogs! Doncha just love that knowledge-sharing?!

Juno Kim @runawayjuno

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Juno grew up in a conservative household. She eventually left her job as a mechanical engineer and became a full-time travel blogger and describes this decision as incredibly tough as it put a strain on her relationships with her family. 

After travelling, Juno notes she has a deeper understanding of people than she would have been able to unveil before. She currently resides in Alaska and had a baby in 2022! Her photography of Alaska alone is simply stunning, and her work against anti-Asian racism is inspirational. Please don’t run away from us, Juno!

Dani Heinrich @globetrottergirls

Dani set out during a painfully grey British winter for what she planned to be a year-long trip around the world. Seven (plus) years later, she’s still at it and strives to live like a local as much as she can, wherever she lands. 

Dani tells stories of adventures as a gay or lesbian traveller and even shares guest posts by fellow LGBTQ+ travellers. In addition, she aims to share tips to help others see as much of the world as they can for themselves. I love her Polaroid Of The Week series!

Madeline “Maddy” Relph @madelinejoyrelph

An Australian from Sydney, Maddy travels worldwide with her boyfriend, Jourdan Bowen. The two have been together since they were 14 years old! They opt for nature worship over 5-course meals and take a down-to-earth approach while travelling. 

Why do I like her? Well, beyond the gorgeous travel pics, she’s adventurous and isn’t afraid to face her fears. When asked to describe the best day she’d ever had, she tells the story about being in Turkey and paragliding off a 6500-foot high cliff down to the pristine, blue coast of Oludeniz, even though she was terrified of heights. Impressive!

I hope you find these women as inspirational as I do. Follow them and others to get motivation for your travel dreams, then just go for it!