LOEWE’s Creative Director Jonathan Anderson brings joy to his creations with a collection that focuses on line, colour and shapes. Discovering the playful reality of dress around the subjects of perception and nature for the spring season. The Spring Summer 2023 Women’s runway collection possesses the same erotic tension and precision of an anthurium flower: a product of nature that looks like an object of design and is treated as such. 

Expect spike-heeled pumps, flats, pumped-up rubber pumps, pumps swarming in deflated balloons. This season, the Puffer Goya bag continues its play on volume and textures. Elongated and streamlined, the new Paseo bag is exquisitely crafted with a pure and elegant silhouette. The supple and ultra-light construction is enhanced by a distinctive, softly pleated structure with handles threaded through the body of the bag. 

Shapes are reduced to their archetypal crudeness, standardised and then inflated, shrunken, sliced or left as they are. The perfect and the worn out. A poetic vision seen through digital technology, expanding perceptions and boundaries on the materiality in craftmanship.

Solid archetypes in solid colours: neutrals, with bright accents. Archetype tote bags, hard cases, the Signature Puzzle in a solid-colour version. LOEWE presents a series of versatile, lightweight, functional bags for the new season, the Fold Shopper tote that can be folded flat at base makes it extra convenient for travels.

Expect a fusion of the organic and the fabricated, carried with the bluntly affirmative, matter-of-fact tone that is essentially LOEWE.