The finest Italian goldsmith tradition meets the colours of the rainbow in the new Dolce&Gabbana Fine Jewellery Easy Rainbow Collection. The new collection is characterised by the use of natural stones such as topaz, rhodolite, amethyst, tourmaline, citrine quartz, peridot, tanzanite, aquamarine and kunzite in a variety of different cuts.

The new Easy Rainbow Collection tells an all-Italian story of excellent craftsmanship and refined goldsmithing through the use of one of the most representative techniques of filigree work: the art of wire wrapping. Widespread in Italy during the Renaissance and obtained by hand-twisting thin gold threads, wire wrapping was often practiced using one or two braided wires – a way already used by the Arabic and Spanish during the Middle Age.

In the Collection, the 18k yellow gold wire alternates with small DG crossed logos. Either in the form of pendants or inserted in the bracelets’ and necklaces’ chains, the logo is combined with the shades of blue, purple, teal, yellow and violet of the stones set in bezels of different shapes and sizes.

Rings with delicate dangling charms, earrings with classic shapes or more unusual compositions, bracelets and necklaces with chains embellished by freshwater pearl for a final elegant touch: the Easy Rainbow Collection jewellery is a dream to wear every day, thanks its original design that combines colour and a hint of playful irony.

The Easy Rainbow Collection is available in the Dolce&Gabbana boutiques, in selected jewellery stores and online.