By Do Tien Dung

First of all, why not? Right? I mean, look at all the benefits it brings even if group travelling can be difficult sometimes and violate ( just a little bit) your personal space and peacefulness. But please be honest, in the balance of things, does it really matter that much to you compared to all the fun activities, the joy, the experience, the memories, and the value having fellow travellers can bring you?

Not only will you gain richer experiences, here are some more benefits that travelling as a group can offer. 

Everything Will Be Cheaper

Did you know that the cost of a single hotel room is often pretty much the same as that of a double room? It is a little bit unfair, don’t you think? Going solo can cost you more than sharing. For example, if you travel in a group of 4 or 5, you can rent a house, a cottage or even a castle that costs you less than many hotel rooms. Bonus: you have the freedom and comfort to do whatever you want. 

It is also cost-effective in the sense that an excellent tour company will make the trip as worthwhile and time-efficient as possible. Find a reliable tour company to do all the planning, guiding and entertainment so that you can just really enjoy yourself without the stress. A guide generally knows the cheapest spots or local hangouts to eat and drink and maybe some other money-saving hacks too. 

Generally, the cost of activities will be lower with many good deals or group discounts available when you travel en masse.

Safety In Numbers

Planning a trip intending to do wild things and try new and dangerous stuff like parachuting, for example? Well, get ready for the adrenaline rush! You gotta be bold to take that kind of vacation. Still, I highly recommend you consider something very important if you don’t want the trip to turn into a disaster: Safety. 

If you are a woman thinking of travelling alone, you also need to think about your safety, and it is best that you have someone to look out for you when you are out there and having fun, particularly at night. 

Wherever in the world you go, you need to know the area and stay safe. Travelling with a posse of like-minded people is an excellent way to avoid unwanted incidents. Few scammers or people with bad intentions would dare mess with a larger group. Unless they outnumber you. Then that’s a whole different story!

But seriously, if you really want to ensure a better chance of safety, hiring a local guide is a smart option. One of the benefits of having a local show you around you is that they have most likely been to the area numerous times and can give you the lowdown on places to avoid, what valuables to leave behind, and how much money you need. That kind of information is priceless.

Expand Your Comfort Zone And Try New Things

I don’t know about you, but I’d be the one in a group who dares others to try new things, you know? I am also probably the one who convinces everyone to participate in whatever stupid, impulsive ideas I come up with!

I am not like that when I’m by myself though. Why? Because there is no fun in doing all that alone! 

Sometimes there are things you would like to try on a trip, maybe something that you have been hesitating to do forever. With your group members’ support and encouragement, you may find the courage to do that bungee jump or go ziplining! The odds of your idea being rejected ruthlessly by everyone is low, no matter how crazy it sounds. I believe that people tend to be more open when they are out there exploring the world. 

You only live once; that is all I want to say. 

Improve Your Relationships

No matter who you travel with, your friends, relatives, co-workers, business partners or club members, it is an excellent opportunity to deepen your relationships with them and establish better bonds between you guys. You get to see how these people act in new environments and circumstances, which helps you understand them better. The regular images will be removed, and chances are you will discover new and different perspectives of your close ones. 

This is also an opportunity to create lasting memories and snap priceless photos with them. Times fly but memories stay forever! A little bit cheesy, isn’t it? But it’s true.

I dream of travelling with my loved ones, having great times, and creating unforgettable memories with them; even if there are odd disagreements here and there, I’m sure it will still be epic. 

Go on, plan a group trip and make magical memories in 2023!