I never appreciated, or truly understood the importance of wearing the right pair of running shoes until I grew older and I screwed up my knees. Turns out, you can’t simply pick a pair of trainers or running shoes based on how cute they look, or how well they would go with your outfit, I mean, I can’t possible be the only one who didn’t know this right?

If you are worried about your knees but love to run, the good news is that you can, provided you get yourself a really good pair of running shoes, and this where HOKA® comes in. HOKA® uses technology to protect your feet and knees for any indoor or outdoor workout, and the best part is that they come in colours that can match any workout outfit of your choice. What’s not to love right?

Created by a French duo who initially designed footwear to satisfy their love for running on treacherous mountain terrains, HOKA® was awarded Brand of the Year in 2021, and has seen 95% growth in sales in just the third quarter of 2021 alone. And the good news is, they have launched two new designs in Singapore, with their latest Mach 5 and Bondi 8 to cater to local workout preferences. Whether you’re a trail runner, leisure runner or gym-goer, there is a different HOKA® shoe tailored for you.

What sets HOKA®’s shoes apart from the other brands are these three key points:

  • Proprietary PROFLY™+ Technology: the shoes are designed to be 50% thicker than the average running shoe, with marshmallow-soft and lightweight cushioned foam that offers shock absorption in every step, along with full comfort and support
  • Meta-Rocker: Its low heel-to-toe drop and sculpted outsole creates a fulcrum effect – think of it as wheels for feet, which encourages a guided and natural gait that propels wearers forward from impact to toe-off, perfect for leisurely strolls or even competitive races
  • Active Foot Frame: Cradles the wearer’s foot, securing the heel in place and keeping the shoe snug, allowing for integrated stability and ultimate support

Sporting an upgraded upper with an engineered mesh material to deliver ultralight breathable comfort for races and everyday runs, HOKA®’s highly anticipated Mach 5 has a heel collar that maintains its form while providing a streamlined fit for the wearer. Plus, it comes in a total of eight eye-catching colours for both Men and Women – Radiant Yellow, Evening Primrose, Camellia or Peach Parfait.

For those who are looking for maximum comfort (like me), the latest Bondi 8 offers maximal cushion with its extended heel with billowed grooves. Constructed with the same PROFLY™+ technology as the Mach 5 to allow for smoother strides, the Bondi 8 is also made with sustainable recycled materials and sports a more precise internal collar foam for enhanced comfort. Bondi 8 also comes in two summery shades: Goblin Blue / Mountain Spring and Summer Song / Country Air.

What’s more, HOKA®’s first FLY HUMAN FLY™ campaign will be held from now till December, with a series of exciting shoe launches and other exciting events lined up, including an interactive FLY HUMAN FLY™ booth experience in the middle of town in Orchard, outside Ion.

Priced at $229 and $249 respectively, the Mach 5 and Bondi 8 are both available at the HOKA® Brand Store at Level 4 Takashimaya Sports Central, and all Running Lab outlets in Singapore.