As a huge fan of Clarins, I was excited when they revamped their website to offer an extensive Virtual Boutique section. Hosting a suite of online offerings, including the existing virtual consultation, Clarins Virtual Boutique now houses services such as live shows, masterclasses and tutorials that run throughout the year.

The Clarins Beauty Coaches are friendly and helpful, and provide personalised complimentary one-to-one virtual consultations. The virtual consultations are split into two types – a 10 minute and a 20 minute consultation.

Each consultation type has its own set of themes and topics to choose from, and these consultations provide tips and tricks for any beauty and skincare concerns you might have. For example, a 10 minute consult, would tackle topics from eye brow concerns, to lip oil queries, while the longer 20 minute consultations (which is what I tried), focusses on personalised concerns, so I would definitely recommend you try that.

There will also be Live Shows, on beauty and wellness know-hows and best kept secrets featuring different themes each time. The live shows also feature exclusive promotions and discounts and can be watched on-demand.

In addition to all the other services, Clarins offers Live Masterclasses, where expert Beauty Coaches will do a deep dive into specific concerns to educate about the Clarins unique approach and method to beauty and skincare.

Each masterclass lasts for 30 minutes, and is priced at $50, and includes a welcome gift together with a $50 e- voucher.

Final Thoughts

Should you give the the virtual consultation a try? I would say yes! You need to first prebook a free 20-minute session with your virtual beauty consultant, during which time, you can discuss your skin conditions, get makeup advice or tips, and even get product recommendations and samples. They are not pushy, nor will they try to hard-sell you anything.

My overall experience was really pleasant, and I actually learned a lot from my consultant. I also love the Hydra-Essential Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum she recommended for my skin type, so if you would like to book a session, go here.