The data collected from the recent International Equal Masturbation Day draws attention to the masturbation gap between women and men. But on a positive note, the masturbation gap has decreased from 62% to 47% this year! 

This year’s global Equal Masturbation Day took place on June 23rd, while here in Singapore, the National Equal Masturbation Day will fall on the 27th of this month, with a masturbation gap of 74%. On average per year, females masturbate 34 times while males masturbate 129 times, and in comparison to 2021, Singapore’s masturbation gap remains at 74%. This is the result of a recent Womanizer survey with 22,315 participants from 15 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, Taiwan, UK and more. 

Some Good News: Women Are Masturbating Significantly More Now Than In 2021 

The Equal Masturbation Day indicates that women have not yet masturbated by this day in the year, while men have been doing so since the beginning. Compared to last year, women masturbate significantly more, and in every country. On average, women masturbate 76 times a year, 23 times more than last year. The leader is Great Britain, where women masturbate an average of 100 times a year – last year it was 59 times.  

However, there is still a large gap between men and women in every country: Men masturbate an average of 2.8 times per week, twice as often as women at 1.4 times per week. Over the year, male respondents masturbate an average of 145 times (2021: 140). Here, the Swiss are ahead with 162 times per year. 

A Need For Comprehensive Sex Education In Schools 

In previous years, it was found out that most participants’ sex education was limited to contraception, pregnancy and the reproductive organs. Yet almost 31% globally said that they would like to learn more about pleasure or how to talk about sex, with one in five saying that they would like to learn more about self-love and masturbation. 

Which is why it just makes sense that an open dialogue about masturbation should be encouraged not only at school, but also at home. As many as 36% of respondents believe that parents should talk to their children about masturbation starting at the age of 13. Unfortunately, 18% still believe that parents should not talk to children about solo sex at all. It is therefore not surprising that more than half of all participants are left alone with their questions on masturbation and had to approach it through trial and error and their own curiosity. In addition, 20% of the respondents have learned about sex by watching porn – a source that often enough enforces outdated, not to mention unrealistic gender roles.  

These results show how important it is to raise awareness about female sexuality and desire, to remove the taboo on female sexuality.

But There Is Still Hope For Singaporean Women

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