Telemental health services have been seeing a greater surge than ever before, particularly in areas with high-stress populations. For instance, California is ranked as the 14th most stressed state in America. This is attributed to numerous factors related to work, finances, family, and health and safety.

As a result, there are now more LCSWs and LMFTs working in California even if they’re not from that state. All they need to do is acquire certifications necessitated by the local board of behavioural science. The demand for these kinds of professionals is the same for other high-stress cities like Louisiana and New York.

An even more accessible way to receive the care you need for mental health concerns can be through mobile apps. They provide a versatile range of services and tools that can help you address every kind of goal you may have in relation to your emotional wellbeing. Here are some of the best mental health apps for your every need.

For Greater Wellbeing And Mindfulness: Calm

Calm is a great app for promoting mental health through a wide range of meditation options. It’s free to download, although some features are accessible only for paying subscribers. Calm offers a range of tools and resources like daily meditations, breathing exercises, sleep stories, mood trackers, and guided meditations.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the app is that it facilitates targeted meditations. You can choose sessions based on what goal you want to achieve, making it especially useful for mitigating panic, anxiety, and inability to sleep well. In this way, it promotes overall mindfulness and wellbeing.

For Suicide Awareness: Better Stop Suicide

Better Stop Suicide is a suicide prevention app developed by a leading team of psychologists. The WHO reports that suicides worldwide reach 700,000 cases a year. Out of this figure, 77% come from low- and middle-income countries that have little access to mental health services.

For this reason, Better Stop Suicide — which is available internationally — can help thousands worldwide by offering emergency tools for those undergoing crises. These include calming audio files, access to emergency contacts, helpful tasks to feel better, and even an option to record life-saving options for yourself.

For Connecting With Therapists: Safe Space

If you’re in need of a space where you can talk freely about your mental health concerns, Safe Space might just be the app for you. Our article ‘Why Talking About Your Problems Can Benefit Your Mental Health’ highlights the value of speaking with someone you trust and seeking out professional help if further help is needed. With Safe space, you can have both.

The app offers immediate counselling sessions worldwide. It also makes sure you’re connected to the right professionals by asking you to fill up an assessment form that will let them match you to one of their therapists. Beyond this, the app also offers educational resources that provide better perspectives on mental health.

Mental health is a serious issue affecting people all over the world. Fortunately, technology has provided universal access to apps that promote wellbeing and heighten immediacy to answer to mental health crises. Although the mental health crisis needs systemic improvements in order to be properly addressed, these apps can help mitigate risks for many.