Ever since pledging for sustainably and ethical production in 2018, Furla has been making strides to produce more environmentally-friendly bags through the use of both recycled and biodegrade materials without compromising on its aesthetic and quality.

With their sustainable collection expanding with every passing year, you are sure to find pieces to fall in love with without the worry of harming the environment.

Made out of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the Furla Net Tote bags are not only insanely perfect for the office, but also eco-friendly! Unlike rubber, silicon and most other plastics, TPU is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable.

As TPU is one of the toughest, abrasion resistant material on the market, the Net Tote is able to maintain its flexibility and freshly-bought look even after years of use. Say goodbye to worrying about scratches and scrapes and hello durability. 

When avant-garde design meets the love for the environment, you get the Furla Linea Futura. Minimal, functional, and available in eleven shades, upcycling is the main protagonist of the Futura as it is made with precious reclaimed leather that has been reworked in compliance with GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard).

While reintroducing leather in a new, original way, every process up to the tanning of the leathers remains metal-free in an effort to reduce its environmental impact.

Bright, fun, and adored by bagaholics worldwide during its release, the Re-Candy is the first of many sustainable bag collections from Furla. Produced with Italian companies powered exclusively with electrical energy from certified renewable sources, every component of the Re-Candy bag is created from a sustainable perspective!

In addition, to avoid the use of polluting inks, the Re-Candy name and the Furla logo have also been tastefully embossed on the body of the bag. Not only does the Re-Candy elevate any look with its bold pop of colour, it was produced to last long but fully recyclable at the end of its cycle of use! 

True fashion should not have to hurt the planet or animals. We hope you love the sustainable range by Furla as much as we do!