Shradha Agarwal, a celebrated makeup artist within Singapore’s entertainment industry with more than a decade worth of experience in makeup artistry, just launched her first book about makeup revealing invaluable insights into the multi-billion-dollar industry.

The evolution of the beauty industry has evoked a myriad of reactions. While some people support the growth and opportunities that it has created, others are skeptical, questioning the ethics and images used which have led to unrealistic beauty expectations. 

Shradha, believes that there are a lot of misconceptions about beauty and makeup and hopes to bust all these myths in her new book, which delves into how makeup is much more than just about a pretty face.

Shradha’s journey from India to Singapore and her years working in the beauty industry and Singapore’s entertainment scene with prominent models and celebrities have helped shape her book. Full of useful hacks and trending views, Makeup Portraits Stories also encapsulates her widely appreciated self-portrait work, stories of independence, courage, and ambition. 

Shradha has conducted workshops for top brands and worked on projects such as Miss Universe Singapore, Elizabeth Arden, and the AsianTelevision Awards. She has also collaborated with companies like Adidas, MediaCorp and Bloomberg. In 2014, she won the Shu Uemura’s makeup interpretation of haute street sport style, and she was also placed in the top 8 of Shu Uemura’s ‘The Beauty Art Makeup Competition’. In June 2019, Zee TV and Dream Catchers awarded her the Spirit of Entrepreneurship for recognising her achievements. Last year, she was awarded the Bob Awards Gold Winner (2021) by Singapore ExpatLah!

Besides working with various Bollywood actors, nutritionists, and designers, her expansive creative experience has brought her to destination weddings in Phuket and Bali, and London for a fashion show with LGBT models.

Makeup Portraits Stories hopes to inspire and empower millions of women, helping them embrace their individual features and be more beautiful inside out – through the transformative power of makeup. 

This book is also a result of Shradha’s love and passion for art and creativity. During the Covid-19 restrictions, she had time on her hands to pick up the skill of self-photography and create various makeup looks. The book features many of these prominent looks in high-fashion photos, giving her skill meaning and purpose.

One thing I aim to do in this book is to include simple, practical tips and time saving techniques that I use in my professional line of work so that my readers are excited to try them for themselves and have the tools to accentuate their best features. The most important thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to makeup, so experiment and have fun.” – Shradha Agarwal, Author and Pro Makeup Stylist 

Makeup Portraits Stories is published by Advent Transformation and can be bought online . It is also available for reference reading at the National Library of Singapore.