Not sure if you know this, but the entire month of May has been dedicated to masturbation. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it’s true, the entire month of May is officially known as International Masturbation Month, and today coincidentally just happens to be International Masturbation Day, and I’m all for it!

Turns out, there is actual history behind masturbation month. In 1994, Dr. Joycelyn Elders who was the then Surgeon General in the US, famously stated – “as per your specific question in regard to masturbation, I think that is something that is a part of human sexuality and it’s a part of something that perhaps should be taught. But we’ve not even taught our children the very basics“.

In a nutshell, she meant that we should teach kids that it’s okay to masturbate, and not demonise this natural and stress-relieving bodily function. While self-pleasure doesn’t have the same stigma it once did, myths still affect the way that some women feel about it, and I personally know several women who have never tried it.

Here are three reasons (there are many more) why it’s actually good (according to science and research) to get to know yourself, down there:

It’s Actually Good For Your Health

Masturbating increases blood flow throughout your body and releases endorphins, which are your brain’s feel-good chemicals, and has been found to be a great stress reliever. This simple action literally takes your mind off your worries, while activating areas of the brain associated with pleasure.

It Will Improve Your Sex Life

Knowing your own body, your desires and what makes you go ‘yes!’ is important for good sex. If you are clueless about what makes you tick, so will your partner, and this will most certainly lead to some very unsatisfactory sex.

Masturbation can make you sexually comfortable and confident. Experimenting with what feels good can lead to better sexual experiences, both alone and with a partner, and there really is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

It Can Even Ease Postmenopausal Sex Issues

Many women see changes during menopause, and masturbation can help, according to Judi Chervenak, MD, a gynecologist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

According to Dr Chervenak, the vagina can actually narrow, which can make intercourse and vaginal exams more painful. But masturbation, especially with a water-based lubricant, can help prevent narrowing, boost blood flow, relieve some tissue and moisture problems, and increase sexual desire.

Here’s Why We Strongly Believe Every Woman Needs At Least One Sex Toy In Her Life

Nearly half of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have used a sex toy, according to a survey by Ashley Leonard at Robert Morris University. And if like most women you have had trouble reaching orgasm and want to climax, a vibrator (which stimulates the nerve endings in the clitoris) will change your (sex) life.

Sex toys are no longer the garishly trashy, cheaply made vibrators of the past. The new breed of pleasure devices are beautiful, classy and made of washable and easy to clean, food-grade silicon, and fit in seamlessly in your wardrobe or bedside drawer.

So, here are two sex toys (for us ladies) that I think every woman should have in her bedside drawer, and even one for you guys out there (you can thank me later).

The first is the ENIGMA™ Cruise priced at $309 from LELO. Like its predecessor ENIGMA™, LELO’s latest dual vibrator has been designed to induce a blended G-spot and clitoral orgasm – delivering an intense, deep release, which indeed it does. If you are new to devices, or even if you have several in your collection, this is certainly a good piece to invest in.

Another good option is the Nova 2 priced at $210 from one of our favourite brands; We-Vibe. Rabbit sex toys are extremely popular for their ability to simultaneously stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris. Nova 2 has revamped the classic rabbit vibrator with its signature curved design that allow it to adapt and stay in place, which means that the device remains in constant contact with the clitoris for uninterrupted pleasure.

I feel that while both the ENIGMA CRUISE and NOVA 2 are very similar in design and features, they are still different, and would be a worthy investment for your mental and physical wellbeing!

For all you men out there, take your me-time to the next level with the new Arcwave VOY. While strokers are the most popular type of toys for male bodies in the market, it’s rare to see options that stand out. Which led Arcwave to launch their latest Arcwave VOY, the world’s first CleanTech silicone stroker with its advanced tightness adjustment system.

According to our latest 2021 global study, 55% of men globally masturbate without the use of toy enhancement. We decided to think about how we could take that usual hand experience to the next level. Arcwave VOY makes it happen in two fronts. The patented CleanTech silicon creates a unique ultra-soft sensation that human hands and other non-Arcwave strokers are not able to provide. Additionally, the tightness adjustment system eliminates effort and intensifies pleasure by targeting the penis’ Merkel receptors”. – Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Arcwave.

I hope this article gets your weekend off to a happy start. I think it’s about time we stopped being embarrassed about our sexual needs and desires, and embraced this very natural and healthy feeling. So from all of us here at Lifestyle Collective, Happy International Masturbation Day!