The world’s third largest pizza chain Little Caesars® Pizza has collaborated with Warner Bros. Pictures to reimagine its signature Pepperoni Pizza as the iconic bat- signal, as part of an unusual but tasty marketing tie-up around Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero film THE BATMAN (2022).

Did You Say Bat-Shaped Pizza?

Yes we did. Classic but never basic, Little Caesars® Pizza has reimagined their popular Pepperoni Pizza as a calzone in the shape of the iconic bat-signal that loomed over the fictitious city of Gotham at night. Or in Little Caesars® Pizza lingo, “The Batman Calzony”.

Part pepperoni pizza, part calzone, The Batman Calzony features a large Pepperoni Pizza split into eight slices, each generously topped with Parmesan and peperoni slices resting atop of bed of muenster and mozzarella cheese. This culinary delight is encrusted with a buttery calzone-like crust, which is filled with the signature Cheese plus Crazy Sauce® along the edges.

The dough is freshly made at every store daily, while the pizza’s robust tomato sauce is made using only vine-ripened California crushed tomatoes. The pizza is punctuated twice, with folds at the top and bottom, forming the head and tail of the bat-logo. The Batman Calzony comes with a serving of Crazy Sauce® for dipping.

This latest culinary invention by Little Caesars® Pizza– the Crazy Calzony has had the Internet scratching its head since its inception in America, with opinions split, some calling it a brilliant creation while traditionalists not agreeing with the sentiment. But whichever the case, we think it is best for you decide, as far as we are concerned, it was absolutely delicious!

The Batman, starring Twilight star Robert Pattinson as the iconic Dark Knight, Big Little Lies’ Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle or Catwoman and American actor Paul Dano as the film’s antagonist The Riddler, is the highly-anticipated reboot of the DC comic-book vigilante THE BATMAN which is scheduled to release this month.

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