If the inside of your handbag is starting to resemble a trashcan, or you find yourself reaching into your purse for your keys and end up pulling out everything else but those darn keys, or dumped out all the contents of your bag looking for your wallet (you get where we are going with this) then the time has come for a little decluttering.

Here are five common items that end up cluttering up your hand bag, and the best thing is that it won’t take you more than five minutes to clear it up.

Toss Those Receipts

For some reason, we tend to stuff receipts into our bag. They can’t be recycled and they tend to pile up, so if you are collecting receipts for company expenses, see if you are able to submit virtual receipts, this way, you can use your phone to snap a picture of each receipt so you won’t have to hold onto the paper copy. If they need the physical copy, get a small pouch to keep the receipts organised until you’re home. 

Makeup, Toiletries And Medications

Rather than lugging around the contents of your medicine cabinet, invest in travel-size toiletries, or better yet, just carry along a hand cream and a small pack of makeup wipes. Instead of carrying around an entire bottle of pills, simply pack a few into a little ziplock bag and pop them into your waller or a zip-up section in your handbag.

Makeup can be heavy and bulky, and can also open up, leak and destroy the inside of your handbag, so only pack what you need. A neutral lipstick or gloss and a powder compact or BB cushion should be all you need. Another option is to invest in mini, travel-sized products if you prefer to carry your entire makeup arsenal with you. 

Business Cards

Instead of storing a whole pile of business cards in your handbag, every-time you receive a business card, take a picture or create a new contact in your phone to store the information. This will give you easier access to the information when you need it, and not clutter up your handbag or card holder.

Period Products

There is nothing worse than getting your periods when you are out and not having a pad or tampon on hand. Instead of carrying the whole packet with you, just store one or two pieces in a clean ziplock and make a point to replace them if you use them, so you always have a spare on hand.

Loose Coins

Coins can pile up and make your handbag heavy and misshapen. If your bag or waller does not have a coin section, invest in a cute coin purse and empty it when you get home every evening, making sure to only carry only a few dollar worth of coins with you, so it doesn’t weigh you down.

We love that these simple tips help to keep our handbags tidier and more organised and doesn’t take more than five minutes.