By Julie-Ann Sherlock

If you are anything like me, the recent holiday period has played havoc with your skin. Late nights, rich foods and too much alcohol are all no-nos when you want to look young, healthy and fresh-faced. Yet, the celebrations and parties in the past few weeks demanded such indulgence from poor little me. It’s not my fault I can’t say no to a party, is it?

So the bags under my eyes, the blotchy skin, and the spots (yes, you can still get zits in your 40’s!!) dotted around my face all tell the tale of my excesses. Spoilsports. 

But what is this I see? Is there a knight in shining armour approaching with a solution to the dilution of my youthful looks? Yes! A new hero is emerging to restore my pre-holiday (eh um) perfection—the ice globe facial. 

What Is An Ice Globe Facial?

Cucumber or ice packs have long been a quick fix used by many of us to reduce the puffiness around our eyes and relieve our stressed-out skin. The ice globe treatment, otherwise known as cryotherapy, is an extension of this, allowing you to offer your whole face the soothing, rejuvenating coolness of ice. 

Beauty therapists recommend that you use cryo-tools, such as an ice globe cooling wand, roller or a mask to massage your face as part of your daily routine or as a regular treatment to help bring your skin back to life. 

Simply pop your roller or wand into the fridge (or freezer for a short time if you need extra intense cooling) until chilled, and then relax while you roll your skin for between 5 and 15 minutes. If you are using a mask like the Charlotte Tilbury one, I suggest you pop on some meditation or soothing music, slide your feet into moisturising socks and tune the world out while it works its magic. Bliss!

What are the benefits?

As with other cooling treatments, the ice globe method helps get your blood circulating in your skin to help reduce puffiness, redness, and pores’ size. They also help exercise the skin and stimulate the muscles to help keep skin taut and younger-looking. 

While this is an excellent idea for everyday use, you will truly feel the benefits after other treatments, such as dermabrasion or when you are suffering from migraine or sinus problems. The soothing coolness of the globe or roller will help to reduce pain and get you feeling on top of the world again. 

This happens thanks to the ice constricting the blood vessels pushing the old blood away from the skin, allowing fresh blood, full of nutrients and oxygen, to come to the surface bringing pain relief and a glow to your face. It also helps stimulate your lymph nodes so they can drain more effectively, reducing swelling caused by blockages. 

I wish I had heard of this for all those post-party hangovers…

Why Should I Buy A Cryo Tool?

In theory, a bag of frozen peas, small marshmallows or even some ice cubes are as effective as they help cool your face and get the blood moving. But using a tool that has been specifically designed for the purpose brings some added magic. 

Using the chilled roller to massage your face speeds up the blood flow, allows you to reach all areas of your skin and is deeply relaxing. The gentle pressure feels heavenly. Whether you choose a roller or silicone mask, taking the time to treat your face to a cooling therapy as often as possible will help you achieve fabulous skin while indulging in some me-time and self-care. 

As my skin ages and the wrinkles deepen, I am thrilled to have found a simple way to slow the ageing process so that I can look and feel a little bit younger. Sure, appearances are not the be-all and end-all, but if you feel good about your appearance, it is easier to face the world and be happier and more productive. 

So while it’s not officially listed as a benefit of using an ice globe in your daily routine, feeling relaxed and pampered after a hard day at work or getting my glow on before I go socialising does wonders for my mental health. 

In a world where we are expected to work hard, play hard and still look young, fresh and healthy despite the pressures of everyday life, finding a magic fix like cryotherapy for your skin is like having Santa Claus bring gifts daily. No more looking like death warmed up after partying like I am still twenty for me! It might look like I actually got a good night’s sleep for a change too!

Have you tried one yet? Let us know how it went for you in the comments below.