By Audrey Tan 

Most Parisian women, regardless of whether they were born and raised in the city or are simply living there, have a unique, elegant sense of style that matches the city’s vibrant atmosphere. The main thing about the Parisian style is that it always looks effortless, even if a lot of work has been put into achieving it. So what is it that makes Parisians look so good? 

The key to achieving this classic French style is the perfect wardrobe staples and accessories to make you feel confident and, most importantly, très chic. Here, we share some style tips that you can use to elevate your wardrobe—and dress stylishly like a Parisian.

Go Natural

The Parisian style is all about finding the right balance between looking groomed and a little casual at the same time. Think simple, neutral tone outfits, messy buns for the hair and the classic no-makeup makeup look on the face. 

Speaking of makeup, the French rarely rely on a full beat but instead opt for products that emphasise the skin, such as CC creams or tinted moisturisers rather than heavy foundations. 

When it comes to hair, they always prefer to embrace their natural hair texture, going for the most natural yet stylish hairdo that will look good no matter what day it is. 

Find the perfect fit

To look as elegant and effortless as a Parisian, you need to invest in clothes that have the right fit. Regardless of trends, French women always wear clothes that flatter their bodies. 

Your clothes should not be too tight, too loose, nor hang too short or long. Therefore, it is good to know which outfit styles fit your body shape and get some pieces tailored to achieve the perfect fit. Nevertheless, some items of clothing look good oversized, but only if it has been designed for this particular style, such as an oversized blazer or a button-down shirt. 

Mix casual and dressed up pieces

The French mainly focus on looking low-maintenance, but they also still wish to look fashionable. So, to avoid looking too casual or too dressed up, Parisians often wear dressy and casual elements that complement each other. 

For instance, you can often spot them wearing the classic red lipstick with a simple white blouse and jeans or trench coats over denim and tees. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of sophistication with classic pieces like a timelessly elegant watch, a statement designer bag, or a silk scarf to tie everything together. 

The Masculin-Feminin look

It’s all about striking the perfect balance when it comes to the French style, and that includes adding a masculine touch to feminine looks. The Masculin-Feminin look popularised by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 with the women’s tuxedo suit which has remained immensely popular among Parisians until today. 

Think oversized black leather jacket over a silk dress, a sequin top with high-rise straight jeans, or a blazer over a lacey or slightly transparent top.

Let your personality shine through 

Parisians create their own individuality and unique style through details such as finding one-off vintage pieces that not many people may have and adding them to their collection. They generally keep accessorisation of their outfits to a minimum, except for the pops of detail or personality. You can add dashes of your personality to elevate any ensemble. Still, the key is sticking to delicate pieces and avoiding over-accessorising as it can result in an unflattering, bulky look. 

Also, another key is to always be confident with what you wear. Never leave the house if you feel uncomfortable or unsure of what you have on. Simply own it!

Don’t be afraid to spend on timeless, luxury pieces

Parisians often have a few designer staples in their wardrobe to instantly elevate any outfit. This is why although they choose to dress casually, opting to go for simple white tees, shirts, and jeans, they still manage to look fashionable with a statement item that does all the talking and attention-grabbing. 

Parisian style is a little more refined compared to other French fashion. Effortless, classic, timeless, carefree and confident without being too arrogant, Parisians always stick to versatile, comfortable basics that they can re-wear and re-style often. More importantly, they can easily wear them every day. 

A word of advice is to never try too hard to look sophisticated, and even if you do try, just pretend like you’re not paying any attention. Use our tips above and start investing in those several staple pieces which you can use to build a core wardrobe according to your own personal style. If you can make Parisian style work, you can pull off any other fashion too!