By Andrés Muñoz

When was the last time you challenged yourself to learn something entirely new? While some of us tried to do yoga, bake bread or simply binge watch as many series as possible during the lockdowns of the pandemic, others worked on personal projects and learned new and exciting things. Did you use that time to drive something forward that left you in a better place than when the lockdown started? 

Even as life is returning to normal, there is no reason why the learning should stop! I’ve selected several skills and concepts perfect for you to learn and explore. Some might be relatively easy to pick up; others might take much longer to master. I invite you to choose something that is way out of your comfort zone, physically or mentally!


Learning the piano basics is a slow process that takes discipline, time, and lots of repetition. This will be the case no matter what program you pick or how many YouTube tutorial videos you watch. My recommendation, though, is a Piano For All. It combines simple practice elements with understandable basics so you can reap the fruits of your practice in a relatively short time. 

This online course has over a quarter of a million users and a long list of positive testimonials and reviews. Get tinkling those ivories!


Fire has been the cornerstone of civilization. While it might initially seem stupid in a day and age where a small lighter can do the job for us, we never know when the next cataclysmic event pops around the corner. Brett and Kate McKay from The Art of Manliness have written up a list of ways to start a fire without matches. Make sure to try these out the next time you might go camping! 

Speaking of which…


For the hardcore city-dwellers out there, this might be a daunting proposition. The critical thing to remember is that sleeping in the great outdoors does not imply that you’ll have an uncomfortable experience! 

For this, the team at one of the best outdoor recreation services and retailers globally, REI, has come up with an expert advice section on How to Go Camping on their website. Why not try it out?

Book Clubs

Online book clubs were all the rage during the pandemic. Now that we can go out again, wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with your friends in person? You can excitedly discuss a book you’ve selected in the same way people talk about series or films. 

Penguin Random House shares some key steps you need to take to effectively start your own book club. So get reading together!


There are few healthy activities for your body as unnoticed as stretching. While you might feel that it is not a necessity if you are young and limber, little to no stretching might lead to sprains, tears and other types of injuries. 

Evan Malachosky at Cool Hunting has compiled a list of stretching resources and applications they are currently offering as online services. Time to loosen up.


Don’t you get tired of cooking the same old meals time and time again? The editorial team at Esquire has compiled a list of the most exciting food, and cooking-related Instagram accounts for you. You’ll find all the best inspiration here, whether you like salads, meats, or some good old desserts. 

The accounts belong to cookbook authors and food photographers from London, New York, California, Australia, and more. Get into the kitchen and create some food porn!

Home Repairs and DIY Projects

Had you known that you would have to stay locked up in your house for several months, wouldn’t you have liked to work on improving it? YouTube account HomeMadeModern is an online design channel that inspires people to truly draw the best out of the elements that exist in their household. 

From videos on making a floating bed to a bicycle rack out of iron pipes, it provides guidelines on affordable and creative solutions for your home. Get fixin’!

Start a Podcast/Blog

Creative outlets are the purest form of self-expression. Millions of content creators launched their podcasts or blogs about subjects they are passionate about.

Check out Scott Chow’s guide to blogging in less than 20 minutes and Rolling Stone magazine’s Tim Chan’s expert advice on how to start a podcast. What are you waiting for? Share your passions with the world! 

Remember, all of these learning opportunities rely on one thing above all others, and that is discipline! As long as you dedicate yourself and work on your new skill with passion, you’ll succeed or at least have fun trying. What other types of skills would you like us to expand on? Please let us know in the comments section below!