By Audrey Tan

After months stuck at home with nothing new to post for the “gram”, it’s no wonder house plants are taking over Instagram feeds! A growing number of people on the internet are making money by showing off their substantial plant collections, and viewers are equally happy to see their feed covered in greenery. 

Social media stats show that plants were a hot topic on Instagram last year, as it was talked about more than 3,000 times a day in July. Whereas the hashtag #plantmom was used over 2.6 million times on the site! Finally, a trend I can get behind!

Whether you want to hop on the hashtag while it’s still hot or you’re simply looking for a few photogenic Ficuses to fill your home and social media feed, here are the five most Instagrammable plants I wish I owned. 

Rubber Plant

Ficus elastica, also known as the rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, or rubber plant, are perfect as medium-sized house plants or grown to become focal point, beautiful indoor trees. The fiddle leaf fig has swept the competition for the most popular in-home tree-like plants as they make excellent houseplants. 

With its good looks and low light tolerance, it will flourish anywhere in the house. Out of all the ficus plants, it is also the best at purifying the air in your home.


Coming in various forms, shapes, and sizes, Cacti are extremely popular houseplants as they are low maintenance. Although they are known for their love of sunlight, many thrive indoors. Place one on your windowsill or living space to instantly give it a more earthy feel!

Indoor cacti that are smaller tend to need less light, making them the perfect houseplant. Larger cacti take years to grow and require more attention, but it’s worth it if you want to add something unique to your collection. Popular cacti varieties are the Moon Cactus, Barrel Cactus, and the infamously tall Cereus. 


Ferns are another low-maintenance houseplant that will bring a tropical, exotic feel to your home right away, and they don’t need a lot of work. Many of them can tolerate relatively low light conditions, and all they need is a damp space to thrive. This is why you’ll often see them in bathroom photos, where it flourishes in humid conditions. As long as you make sure the soil is always damp and the surroundings don’t drop below 15 degrees, your fern will grow beautifully. 

Indoors, Boston Ferns and Asparagus Ferns are a big hit because they are smaller. They almost look like little trees!


The Monstera or Swiss cheese plant, getting its name from its huge leaves riddled with holes, is another popular tropical plant that makes a wonderful model for Instagram. A one-of-a-kind statement piece, this plant has made it onto many social media feeds as its unique look enhances the aesthetics of any photograph! Its great size and stature make it an ideal decorative room divider. It also has air purifying capabilities!

Monstera Deliciosa and Monstera Adansonii are the two most commonly grown indoor plants. Adansonii holes stay enclosed on the leaf, while the Deliciosa has holes that grow towards the edges. Indirect sunlight is ideal for the Montsera, so avoid putting it near windows that get too much sunlight. To keep your Montsera healthy and ready to pose for the “gram”, water it weekly and let the soil dry out in between. Wiping the leaves regularly to remove any dust or soot will also keep it happy!


An excellent choice for anyone looking for eye-catching foliage that is also easy to care for, Pothos can be found in a wide range of colours and varieties to suit any home decor. Because of its elegant hanging vines and heart-shaped leaves, it is most magnificent when displayed on a high shelf or in a hanging basket. 

It is easy to care for as all you have to do is water them once a week, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. They do well in bright indirect light but can tolerate low light conditions. They can be grown in soil or water, but don’t enjoy being switched from one to the other! Pothos are also easy to propagate, so you can fill your home with as many of them as you like or give them as gifts to friends and family!

Since last year, the beauty of horticulture has quickly become a big attraction. People are so into their plants that stores rapidly run out of favourites! We don’t just love the way they look; we are also becoming more familiar with the added benefits of having houseplants. While these are some of the plants I want for my home, there are lots of other beautiful plants out there. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the perfect plant for your home (and Instagram feed)!