By Ericka Rodgers

Have you heard about the latest vacation craze? I am talking about the getaway house or tiny cabin that holidaymakers use as a way to disconnect from technology, social media, and the everyday hustle and bustle of society. Many people want to relax by having total seclusion and solitude in the woods or mountainside. If you are trying to flee the pandemic, work, or society in general, a cabin in the woods seems to be a great way to escape it all.

If you love nature and everything that comes with it, you should definitely check out the simple life such a holiday brings. Whether it’s alone time you need or want to go with a partner, friends or family, the perfect budget or dream retreat you always dreamed about is out there. Below are some ideas to give you inspiration and help you begin planning your first getaway house vacation.

Escape To Solitude

The whole purpose of planning a holiday or break is to disconnect from what you would typically do on a day to day basis. Maybe your job consists of sitting at a computer every day or answering busy phone lines all the time. Perhaps you are a student feeling overwhelmed by assignment deadlines and coursework. Whatever occupies your day, escaping the mundane for even a few days is good for you. By taking a solo trip, you can have that solitude you crave. 

Staying in a back-to-basics cabin in the woods or going glamping in a rainforest will offer you the kind of undisturbed peace and room to revive your soul that you seek. Companies such as Getaway, Glamping Hub and Airbnb have many options on offer all over the world. 

In Southeast Asia, stay in a treehouse in Thailand, a farm lodge in Malaysia or a cabin in Indonesia. For trips further afield, many American states have beautiful hideaways like this forest chalet in Arizona or this gem in a Michigan National Forest Park. Check-in to check out of everyday life at a chalet high in the Alps or catch the Northern lights with a stay in an Aurora cabin in Iceland.

Budget-Friendly or Luxury Living

Going on holiday can be expensive and require deep pockets, but renting a getaway house in the woods for a few days can be cheaper than you might think. Prices vary, but Lifehacker lists some easy on your pocket options in the USA, with some starting at $36  a night. 

However, some tiny cabins and glamping options can run you about $100.00 to $240.00 a night, equivalent to staying in an upmarket hotel. 

If you are on a tighter budget, you can reduce costs by bringing plenty of food and drinks with you and renting a cabin where you bring your own toiletries, towels, bedding and kitchenware. 

But if money is no issue, why not blow your cash on some of the most luxurious options out there, like the unique rentals available at this Treehotel in Sweden or escape to the wilds of Alaska.

Choose your Destination 

The most desired getaways are usually located in the woods or on a mountainside, with lake homes and farm lodges also becoming more popular. The seclusion, back to nature feel, and Instagram worthy picturesqueness of many of these properties make them a popular choice for escaping the daily grind. The trend is so prevalent in the USA that the vacation company Getaway has almost 600 custom-built cabins available for rent across the country. 

For some, being too far from a city and civilisation is too much of a challenge, but luckily, there are some options just outside of major cities or in smaller towns and villages. The house may feel remote but have easy access to local amenities. 

Others wish to get away entirely and live a few days in total peace and quiet. Finding a truly off the grid rental is more up their dirt track than any busy street. 

Returning To Reality

So you have had a great time at your cabin, enjoyed some solitude in perfect surroundings, and had time to disconnect from technology and the world at large. Now it is time to say goodbye and get back to the real world.  

Always be mindful of the environment you are in and dispose of any trash responsibly. And, like any good houseguest, make sure you leave things tidy and take all of your personal belongings with you. Then, perhaps sadly, slink back to your life of hustle while dreaming of your next great escape.

If you want an isolated vacation adventure, a getaway house or cabin might be the perfect fit for you.