By Aimee L

Bio-essence recently launched two brand new micro serums which combine powerful ingredients within a micro-capsule delivery system for better absorption. I am a big fan of the brand and love the fact that their skin care products are not just affordable, they are also effective.

Bio-essence Bio-Gold Pearl-C Micro Illuminator, $55.90 for 28g

This has to be my personal favourite of the two. This illuminating serum encapsulates brightening actives using an Advanced Pearl Technology to retain its potency and ensure the freshest delivery of nutrients that foster a pearl-like natural lustre. I was surprised and very pleased by how my skin looked after application. The little pearlescent flakes melt into the skin, blurring out imperfections while to hydrates.

The pearls in this formula acts as a powerhouse of vital minerals, amino acids, and proteins. In addition, both Vitamin C and 24K Bio-Gold flakes bring antioxidant benefits, the former to brighten skin and prevent spots and fine lines, and the latter to promote a healthy radiance. 

Bio-essence Bio-Gold Rose-HA Micro Hydrator, $49.90 for 28g

This next-level hydrator encapsulates its actives in a tri-layered structure using Advanced Microfluidic Technology to retain its potency and ensure the freshest delivery of nutrients into skin.

Inside each microcapsule is rose oil extracted from Damask roses, well known for its deeply moisturising and rejuvenating properties, together with Hyaluronic acid and 24K Bio-Gold flakes. This new micro serum promises to provide 10 times the hydration, protect the skin from transepidermal water loss while it evens out skin texture and smoothens rough skin.

Bio-essence products are available at C K Department Store, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, OG, Watsons, and selected cosmetic houses.