By Ericka Rodgers

Have you ever thought about becoming a plant parent? Take a look around on different social media platforms, and you will see that many have decided to join an old yet growing trend of developing their greenfingers. The COVID lockdowns played a major role with those that have joined this latest trend. I remember when I considered becoming one, and the first thing I thought was the responsibility of it all. 

Some may think it is easy, but plant parenting is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of work. Yes, it is one thing to daydream about having a haven of beautiful plants, green, healthy and strong, resulting from your hard work. But, after you come out of your daydream, you realise that you know absolutely nothing about taking care of plants.

Although trends can be fun to join; however, give this one some careful thought before rushing into it. Are you really ready to take care of a living, growing plant? 

Plant Parent Trend

Remember the pandemic lockdowns when everyone was trying to buy all of the toilet paper? Well, while that was happening, there were others at the plant nurseries and garden centres buying up all the goodies and joining the newest gardening trend. COVID lockdowns turned buying plants into the next big pandemic trend — for good reason, according to nbcnews.  

I was one of those who decided to adopt a plant. I love watching others talk to and nurture their plants from a tiny cute presence to a tall flourishing thing of beauty. So, I thought I would give it a go. 

However, plant parenting is not for everyone. For one, it takes patience. There can’t be an expectation of overnight growth because sometimes plants are easy, and other times they are stubborn. You should think long and hard before you take on this responsibility, or you may end up frustrated, disappointed and feeling annoyed at losing another blossom through neglect or mistakes. If you decide that you are willing to put in the effort, I can tell you that it will be your best decision yet.

The Decision

There is much to learn when deciding to develop your green fingers. First, like any project that you want to take up, you have to do the research. As said earlier, it takes much effort and commitment to grow and maintain plants. I learned that you have to choose your plant babies according to your lifestyle. 

For instance, if I had pets or children at home, I would need to ensure that my chosen plants are not toxic. Toxic plants can cause sickness and, in some cases, death. If I travel often, then being a plant parent may not be for me. Where will the plant live? Will it reside in my house, outside, in a plastic pot, or in the ground? All of these must be considered before I make a final decision to put down roots and start my plant family.

Time To Plant A Foundation

Having done my research and deciding to become a plant mommy, I chose to parent only one plant. I made this decision mainly because I do not want to become overwhelmed with the responsibility of nurturing more than one. It will live in my house by the window sill to receive sunlight, and I also checked that it was non-toxic. 

Now I had to set a strong foundation for it to grow into a healthy, green and striving plant. To do that, I had to get the best soil for my babies. Turns out that loam is the right choice for my plant.

Proud Plant Parent

As you can guess, I am now a proud member of the plant parent trend. So far, I have been successful. I still have my one plant, and it is thriving. 

If you decide to join us in this trend, first do your research. Next, make sure that you will not be overwhelmed; you may want to start out with one plant baby and give it your full attention and nurturing. Also, make sure that your lifestyle doesn’t conflict with your decision. Choose your soil wisely; you want to give your newest family member the best foundation to help its growth. Then enjoy creating your own “family tree”! 

Like lots of trends, this could become addictive, and it is now time for me to decide if I want to add to my plant family. I guess I have to go back to square one and begin the process once more. But since growing and nurturing my first plant brought me so much joy, I want to keep that feeling going. I am now a plant parent and a proud one at that!