WhatIF Foods recently launched a high protein Instant Noodles at FairPrice Finest, and we decided to give it a try. Unlike normal instant noodles, WhatIF Noodles are made with Bambara groundnuts, a more sustainable crop that is said to be able to regenerate both the consumer and planet.

What we deliver in BamNut noodles not only nourishes our bodies with nutrients, but it is also made with regenerative crops that nourish the soil in which it is grown. We are also empowering farmers by ensuring them a fair share of profits from climate change-resilient crops. At the same time, we are delivering to consumers a delicious product that is healthy for them” – Christoph Langwallner, CEO WhatIF Foods

At Lifestyle Collective, we are all for supporting and giving a voice to brands that are doing their part for the environment, so the first thing we did was get ourselves a BanNut NoodBox to give these noodles a try. First off, let us say that these are not your usual run of the mill instant noodles that we are all used to. For a start, it comes packaged in a paper box that can be recycled, and in flavours that you would never expect an instant noodle to come in.

We tried the BamNut NoodBox which had all four variants. While the noodles do come wrapped in plastic, the amount of plastic used is much less than your average packet of instant noodles, and the brand did mention that they are looking for other alternatives for the future. The instructions are on each flavour and are simple, concise and completely idiot-proof.

The noodles were springy and while not as tasty as your usual instant noodle when eaten uncooked, was very tasty when cooked. They tasted more like proper restaurant or home made noodles, rather than the synthetic flavour one expects from an instant noodle.

These plant-based noodles are said to be lower in saturated fat, high in plant-protein and deliver substantially more fibre content than comparable brands, and are packed with flavours that do not make use of MSG, preservatives, or artificial colours. 

The two new flavours – BamNut Pumpkin, and BamNut Charcoal, together with the original BamNut noodles and BamNut Moringa noodles can all be found in the BamNut NoodBox.

The BamNut NoodBox, and all flavours of WhatIF Foods Noodles will be exclusively sold at FairPrice Finest at a special price of $7.90 (instead of $8.90) during the months of July and August, so if you would like to give it a try, now would be a great time to do so!