When choosing a hanging plant, ensure you have a strong enough beam or structure to hang it from. Your chosen location should ideally be in an area that receives adequate indirect light. To ensure even growth and prevent bald areas, be sure to turn the basket regularly, this will ensure even growth.

Using a soilless mix that contains perlite for your hanging baskets will keep the basket lighter and will improve drainage. Check soil moisture regularly, water when the top inch of the mix is dry, and fertilise with a balanced slow-release fertiliser every two to three months. Here are five beauties that are easy to take care of:

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is one of the best air purifying plants around. This Southern Africa native features spiky lime green and yellow variegated foliage. The Spider plant prefers bright indirect light, but avoid direct sunlight as it may scorch the leaves. Keep the plant slightly moist and water it when the top inch of soil becomes dry, as overwatering will lead to root rot. Fertilise every three to four months with a balanced fertiliser.

Devil’s Ivy

Popularly known as Golden Pothos, the Devil’s Ivy is an easy-growing indoor plant. All you need is a low to moderate window light, and while Pothos likes to have its soil drier between waterings, be careful not to under-water, so watch the leaves for signs of drought stress, like browning, scorched margins.

Philodendron Brasil Plant

The Philodendron Brasil is native to South America and the Caribbean and will be easy to care for even if you don’t come with a natural green thumb. This plant tolerates low light environments well, so if you don’t have a bright window to hang your plants next to, this is a good option for you. Even better, the heart-shaped Philodendron Brasil is a natural indoor air purifier and looks great on top of shelves or hung up beside a window.

String of Pearls

Also known as button orchid, they hang beautifully in a basket. They root very well, so use potting mix instead of regular soil with minimal watering in a drainage pot. Its minimal leaf surface area reduces evaporation and water loss while hanging in the planter, too. 

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss is a low-maintenance hanging plant, and to make things even easier, it doesn’t require direct sunlight, perfect for us apartment dwellers. To keep it healthy and happy, give it a good spray two to four times a week with a mister.