Liht (pronounced as light) Organics is a Singaporean organic makeup brand that offers a wide range of nourishing and guilt-free organic makeup made with a high percentage of certified organic ingredients. 

True to its strict formulations of 100% natural ingredients with zero nano-particles or harmful chemicals, Liht Organics is a firm believer in “clean beauty”, which promotes products that are made without ingredients that are shown or suspected to harm human health.

The first organic makeup brand to enter the Middle East market with its official opening in 2019, it was no surprise when the brand was picked up by the Royal Family of Bahrain. As a result, an official strategic partnership was established with His Excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij al Khalifa, a member of the Royal Family of Bahrain.

An avid fan of Liht Organics, Her Excellency Emanuela Al Khalifa shared her favourites from the brand with us:

Some of Her Excellency Emanuela Al Khalifa’s favourite Liht products include the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation (in the shade Perfection), the Flawless Face Concealer (in the shade Magic), the Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner and last but definitely not least, their best-selling Colour-Intense Liquid Lipsticks (in shades Strawberry Smoothie, Berry Yoghurt and Sangria). 

The foundation and the lipsticks are super. The foundation leaves the skin very soft and radiant. The lipsticks are long lasting, have a beautiful shiny nuance, leaving the lips soft and hydrated.” Her Excellency Emanuela Al Khalifa

With this Royal stamp of approval, Liht Organics will be marking its ladder on representing Singapore’s cosmetic industry for the Royal Investment Summit in Dubai along with the Royalties and other renowned global businesses.