Unique Time REJUVENATE, enables everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a simple shot of tasty antioxidant goodness. The antioxidant-packed health beverage recommended for consumption once a day, is a tasty and convenient solution for everyone to stay healthy and ensure that the vital nutrients are included in their diet despite their hectic schedules.

Packaged in ready-to-consume 32ml sachets, each sachet contains a powerful formulation of antioxidant-rich fruits and natural boosters. It tastes pleasantly like a highly concentrated fruit juice. The ingredients in each REJUVENATE shot have been sourced from all around the world -Aroniaberry (Poland), Muscadine Grapes (USA), Elderberry (Austria), Sea Buckthorn Berry (China), Pomegranate (Israel), Wild Blueberry (Canada) and Cranberry (USA). 

It also contains two natural boosters – Purple Tea from Kenya, to promote smoother skin, and the powerful natural compound Resveratrol, which lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Just one shot of REJUVENATE has the antioxidant capacity equivalent to 1kg of strawberries – which is far more antioxidants than you can consume in a week.

Unique Time REJUVENATE comes in two sizes – the Stamina Pack with seven sachets for $33.90 and the Vitality Pack with 28 sachets for $128, both are currently available at online, as well as LAZADA, Qoo10, Watsons online and at selected Watsons stores.