By Lynn Cadet

When thinking of erotic fiction, maybe the first thing that pops into your mind is Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, it sure does for me! BDSM has become a reoccurring element of erotic novels—by popular demand. However, the world of erotica encompasses much more. Its steamy popularity transcends beyond the fanfiction interwebs to even your neighbourhood bookstore. 

Many women love to lose themselves in the world conjured up by erotic fantasy, where nothing is off the table, and you can live vicariously through the lenses of the embattled heroine’s eyes. Within moments of starting to read, your mind and body are overwhelmed by the intense and often realistic fantasies burning through the pages. Things tend to get hot and heavy fast, so make sure to enjoy it privately (unless reading NSFW content publicly is your thing…but I wouldn’t suggest it!). 

Erotica can help improve your sex life by introducing new ways to find pleasure, set the mood while giving you control of your fantasy. It is even scientifically proven to boost libido. According to Woman and Home, ladies who read erotic novels have 74% more sex with their partners than those who don’t indulge in sexy stories. It can also help them feel empowered sexually. Girl power!

Not all in this genre are thought-provoking, have exquisite storytelling or are even well-written, but they sure can bring up a lot of other thoughts and manifest new ways of sexual experimentation! 

Whether you’re looking for comedy, regency (Bridgerton anyone?), or your regular, sexy, and brooding billionaire archetype, you will be pretty satisfied with the selection available. There are even several intriguing plots that keep the readers interested that aren’t solely focused on sex. Genuinely. So here are a few recommendations, whether you are new to the erotica scene or just looking for some suggestions for your next read.

Temptation By Ivy Smoak

According to one reviewer, Temptation has a “scorching hot” edge. If you’re looking for a forbidden love fest between a sexy, unattainable teacher and his shy, straight-laced student, you should check this novel out. 

James Hunter gives up his life as a billionaire in NYC to become a professor in a new town, where he meets Penny. Before, his secrets kept him from connecting with anyone, but those same secrets are what intrigue Penny. This mix-up of bubbling emotions tempts them to fall for each other and break the only rule that James thought he could keep.

The Red By Tiffany Reisz

USA Today bestselling author Tiffany Reisz crafts a dizzying tale of promises, desperation, and secrets in The Red. The provocative plot follows Mona Lisa St. James, a woman who makes a deathbed promise to her mother that she would do anything to save their family’s art gallery. 

Soon Mona realises she may not be able to fulfil this promise, but a visit from a mysterious and handsome stranger could change everything. He offers her a deal involving submitting to him for a year—it wouldn’t be erotica if she didn’t oblige, right?

Dirty-Talking Cowboy By Stacey Kennedy 

Okay, at first, the title did give me quite a chuckle. But the book is not as cheesy as the name suggests. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? The plot driving this one is probably one of the most (surprisingly) serious on the list. 

After her beloved grandmother’s death, Emma Monroe returns to her newly inherited Colorado farm for abused animals while also working as a waitress to help keep things afloat. Then she meets the Dirty-Talking Cowboy, flipping everything on its head with passion, heartbreak, and love galloping through the story like a wild horse!

The Billionaire’s Trust By Erin Swann

I know, another billionaire archetype, but hear me out; it’s not your typical mega-rich playboy read. The story has a strong female lead who is as smart and determined in the workplace as she is with her men. 

Bill, the resident bad boy, has to work for it here! Our protagonist Lauren, and her beau Bill, bring laughs, sexiness, and tears to make this novel worth reading. 

Tempt Me at Midnight By Lauren Royal

If you’re ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, readTempt Me at Midnight, a historical erotic novel with drama scorched into every page. Steamy Regency novels are the current craze, and this novel is no different. 

Lady Alexandra Chase has always strictly followed the rules of her reputation and society. But when her childhood love, Lord Hawkridge, returns to town, the tight leash on her societally approved restraint begins to loosen, and she moves to turn down her current, acceptable suitor. However, Hawkridge’s scandalous past could put their love on the line.

Well, that’s your lot…for now. The next time you’re looking for a sexy weekend read to snuggle up with, maybe give one of these suggestions a chance. Caution, steamy passion ahead!