Let me start off by confessing that I am a huge Drunk Elephant fan. The brand isn’t just cruelty-free, vegan and cute as heck, it also delivers! Furthermore, I think that this has to be the best Littles set the brand has created to date because it gives you the chance to try the entire hair and body range in generous sized bottles for a fraction of the price.

Whether it’s the scalp, the arms and legs, or the cheeks, all skin deserves to be treated with smart, effective ingredients that are safe, nourishing, and compatible with the skin’s natural pH, and this is precisely what Drunk Elephant’s hair and body range is all about.

“I created hair and body because I wanted to be able to implement my philosophy from head to toe. Skin is skin — and whether we call it the scalp or the eye area or the legs, it can only function at its healthiest when it’s treated with smart, nourishing, skin-compatible ingredients. All skin deserves to be respected with ingredients it can get along with.” – xx Tiffany

What’s Inside The Kit

The set comes in a super cute neon orange pouch and includes a handy turquoise comb – perfect for combing through damp tangled hair, which now graces the vanity in my master bathroom.

Cocomino Glossing Shampoo 60ml – is a sulfate-free, colour-safe blend of coconut-based surfactants that creates a gentle, creamy foam that effectively lifts dirt, styling products, and other substances without damaging the hair shaft or stripping colour. 

Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner 60ml – is a concentrated, nourishing blend of non-fragrant plant oils and butter to soften, smooth, and detangle all hair types while penetrating the hair shaft to fortify and protect against the damage from heat tools and colour treatments.

T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub 60ml – this gentle scrub uses a stable, supercharged AHA/BHA blend that is designed to rapidly break down and dissolve dead skin cells and product buildup, while biodegradable and gentle plant-cellulose exfoliating beads sweep them away. This is a must-do weekly treatment to keep your scalp in tip-top shape!

Wild Marula Tangle Spray 60ml – this superfine, weightless leave-in mist effectively detangles and smooths flyaway and unruly tresses while still allowing for natural movement, manageability, and shine without weighing hair down and making you look like you forgot to shower. 

Kamili Cream Body Cleanser 60ml –  this shower cream gently cleanses using a stack of ultra-mild surfactants, while non-fragrant plant oils and skin-restorative amino acids replenish and soothe, leaving behind a light layer of protective lipids so your skin remains soft and smooth. Best of all, its gentle enough for all skin, even the most sensitive. 

Sili Body Lotion 60ml – its supercharged formula restores dull, dry, and irritable skin to a healthier and more balanced state. This lotion locks in hydration while restoring the moisture you’ve lost due to damaging environmental stressors. I love using it before bed, so I wake up with silky soft skin the next morning! 

Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream 30ml – I am always on the lookout for an effective natural deodorant, and this has to be one of my favourites! Formulated to soothe and moisturise delicate underarm skin while keeping odour at bay, this deo is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and has a lovely warm almond scent. Sweet Pitti is free of baking soda, essential oils, and aluminium-derived ingredients and can even be used directly after shaving your pits.

Drunk Elephant The Littles Hair + Body Kit 2.0 retails at $69 and will be launching on the 22 April 2021 online on Sephora, and at Sephora ION, Ngee Ann City, West Gate, Tampines 1 and NEX Mall, and is really worth getting as it allows you to try the entire hair and body range.