By Darakhshan Roohi

Beaches are the best part of my holiday. The crystal blue water, warm sun, and fresh air are the best medication for all of your worries. They are also the best place to surf, swim, and have a good time with your family.

If you are hoping to go on a vacation as soon as it is possible, here are some of the best beaches I think you should check out.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

I know it’s already famous as a destination, but its beauty is often greatly underplayed. Horseshoe Bay is a beautiful and exotic beach with exquisite rock formations in Southampton Parish. Its soft, pink sand is complemented by trails to the private coves.

This beach opens to Southampton’s South Shore Park with many great hotels and resorts nearby; it’s a must if in Bermuda on a family holiday or a chilled trip with your partner, friends or even solo. Go diving, sail a boat, play golf, or just kick back and enjoy the blissful tropical beach with a chilled drink. 

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known as a travel destination for many in Asia and Australia, but now the whole world is waking up to its beauty. Near the southern city of Galle, famous for its historic fort, Unawatuna is a stunning sandy beach perfect for surfing. As Sri Lanka has warm waters, the ocean floor has an abundance of reefs and many tropical fish species. A real draw for divers and snorkelers. 

The beach is accessible via a road that runs along the coast where you will find a variety of cafes and jewellery vendors that you can enjoy. Accommodation in the area ranges from simple to luxury with something for every budget.

Sconset Beach, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, an island in Massachusetts, USA, is home to Sconset Beach. Located at the easternmost side of the island, it is about a 40-minute bike ride from Nantucket Town, along the ‘Sconset Bike Path. But don’t worry if biking is not your favourite thing to do as there is also a shuttle bus available in the summer. Located near a small town with restrooms and restaurants, the beach and its area are begging to be explored.

The area has some other interesting sites such as Sankaty Head Light and Sconset Bluff Walk. The walk is unique because you meander through backyards as you follow the Atlantic ocean. Winter comes quickly, and summer is short, but if you can schedule it at the right time, the beach is worth a visit.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean are a sight to be seen with its vivid greenery, picturesque lakes and of course, its sparkling sea. Virgin Gorda is the third-largest of the islands with quiet beaches and flora-filled national parks spread across its 8.5 square miles.

The Baths is a stunning seaside area where massive granite boulders lead into saltwater pools and grottos. The magnificent scenery and laid-back lifestyle make it a must-visit. If you want some luxury, hire a private butler or rent a place with a private pool to have the summer break of a lifetime.

Sunset Beach, Oahu

How can we miss Hawaii on a list like this? We can’t! If beaches are your thing, you should undoubtedly check out Sunset Beach in Oahu where you can surf even in the winter. In the summer, the water becomes calm and lake-like, perfect for snorkelling and deep diving. 

The sunsets are to die for, and the place is incredibly beautiful. Used as a location for the TV series Lost and the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, if you are a fan of either, as many of us are, then you will love Oahu and should certainly give it a visit!

Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

French culture and untouched beaches provide the perfect mix for romantics, and that’s what Matira Beach in Bora Bora offers. The islands of Tahiti are our favourite destination on this list. Not just for its mile-long stretch of power-white sand slopes and silky beaches, but also the emerald green lagoons surrounded by palm trees. Bliss!

If you love the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the beaches are pretty similar to those shown in the movies and are a fantastic backdrop to a spectacular holiday. While getting to French Polynesia isn’t cheap, Matira is a public beach making it a pocket-friendly destination for travellers on a budget.

These are a few of the many top choices across the world. I hope that they have you dreaming of sunkissed shores and planning your next holiday destination. Someday soon, we will be able to visit them again. Until then, I am going to just keep dreaming!