By Aimee L

Ever since I started working at Lifestyle Collective, I have developed an appreciation for clean beauty products. In the past, I didn’t think twice about slathering on just about any product I could get my hands on. The cheaper the better was my philosophy. But with age and exposure to the exciting world of beauty products, I have begun to appreciate why caring about the ingredients in my makeup and skin care actually matters.

I am a huge fan of Shopee. Without exaggeration I can say that I buy something from them several times a week and when they announced the introduction of Japanese clean-beauty brand Rooki to their growing stable of brands, I was beyond thrilled!

If you are new to the brand, Rooki Beauty is all about keeping skincare simple, natural and so easy to use, so much so that even a beauty newbie can master it. This Singaporean brand is made in Japan with a special focus on Asian superfoods like matcha, yuzu and starfruit, the brand believes in the philosophy – you are what you eat, which is why all their products are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients, so your skin can benefit from all the good stuff.

If you are keen to try out the brand, take advantage of the Shopee 2.2 CNY Sale, happening now until 13 February. During this period, shoppers will enjoy daily 28% cash-back. So if you would like to get your hands on Rooki Beauty, go here.