Usher in CNY with the “Ah Huat” Collection comprising of the most delicious tangerine and pineapple confectionaries you will get your hands on this year. Not only do these mini-fruit shaped wonders taste great, they are almost too adorbs to eat.

Forget lugging bags of mandarin oranges from house to house this year and opt for these beautiful mini mandarin and pineapple confectionaries instead and you might end up going home with a thicker ang-bao this year “wink, wink”.

Since Valentines Day is also just around the corner, Wicked Chocs’ has launched their Crush collection, which consists of rose and heart shaped chocolates designed to capture the heart of your loved ones. These chocolates are customisable and include a personalised message card. For every Crush collection purchased, flowers will be included together with the personalised chocolates and message card.

A single box of Ah Huat will set you back $18, while a Double Huat will cost you $30. And a box of heart and rose shaped Crush Chocs for Valentine’s Day will cost you $69. To find out more or to place an order, go here.