Fresh herbs are such a great way to add healthy nutrients to your diet. These flavour rich plants provide vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits and growing your own herbs means you have fresh ingredients as and when you need them.

While relatively low-maintenance, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about caring for fresh greens. Help your herb garden flourish by avoiding these common indoor planting mistakes:

Incorrectly Watering your plants

Most herbs only require a drink when their top soil feels dry to the touch. So to prevent over or under watering your herbs, check the soil on a daily basis. If the top soil feels slightly dry, give your herbs a drink. If the soil still feels damp, leave the plant be. Root systems need air, and when they don’t get it, they rot and die

To properly water your plants, pop them in the sink, wet the dirt, and allow time for the water to drain. This will help provide the entire root system with water and, once again, stop root rot in its tracks due to overwatering.

Choosing A Pot Without Drainage

Choosing the right pot for your plants is crucial for their survival. Herbs thrive in a pot with ample drainage, so pick the right pot to ensure that your plants survive.

Inadequate sunlight

Some herbs require more light than others, and many varieties need a specific amount of direct or indirect rays. Research and read up on the type of herb you plan to grow, then place each one in an appropriate spot around your home to maximize growth.

Skipping Pruning

Pruning will help your herbs grow both healthier and faster, and by harvesting some of the plants leaves, you’re ultimately helping your herb stay in its growth stage longer, which means more product for you to enjoy.

Leave The Seedlings To The Experts

If it is your first attempt at an indoor herb garden, start with a small plant rather than a seedling. That way, you know the plant already has an established root system and you can focus on helping your herbs grow.

Skipping On Fertiliser

To ensure that your herbs grow well, it is worth investing in high-quality organic potting soil to give your plants the best shot at a long and healthy life. A light, loose potting soil filled with materials like vermiculite and peat moss is the best option.