By: Angelica Bottaro

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an ingredient found in the marijuana plant. It’s been hailed for its medicinal properties when it comes to a long list of conditions, and laws throughout Asia are beginning to change to make room for the use of the CBD as medicine. This has opened up the door to a vast number of possibilities for its use.

It’s been suggested that it may even help pets with certain conditions such as anxiety and pain. Since there is limited research on the subject and much of the evidence backing up these claims is considered anecdotal, it can be hard to determine whether or not CBD products are a good route to take when wanting to help your pet deal with a health ailment.

What Do Veterinarians Say?

The legalities surrounding CBD can be tricky for vets to navigate. This is especially true in places where they are not yet allowed to discuss its use as a potential treatment for your pet at all. They could risk losing their license! It’s not always the case, though. For example, the CBD-containing Epidiolex is an anti-seizure medication that can be prescribed by vets in some countries.

In some countries, CBD products can be purchased without a prescription. Still, many vets are wary of giving those types of supplements to animals without first making sure that it’s safe to do so.

The Benefits Of CBD For Your Pet

Just like with humans, pets deal with chronic health issues. People suffering from things such as chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and irritable bowel disease can benefit from the use of the drug. There is not as much research available on how well CBD works for animals suffering from those conditions; however, one study on dogs with osteoarthritis found that CBD led to a significant reduction in their pain and improved mobility.

Another study found that epileptic dogs given CBD along with their regular anti-seizure medications had fewer seizures overall. This study could mean that CBD helps with seizure control, but far more research is required in the area to confirm the benefits when it comes to pets with epilepsy.

The Risks Of CBD For Your Pet

As with any new form of medication, there may be potential risks. After all, no two pets are alike, and they can react differently to CBD. There are some side effects that your pet could have to deal with, especially if the dosing is incorrect. Gastrointestinal upset has been seen in some pets. Other side effects include lethargy, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, and the degeneration of the nervous system if taken in high volumes.

Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not your pet is already on medication for something. Since CBD can change how the body metabolises certain drugs, it can be risky to give it to your pet as it could cause possible side effects due to a bad drug reaction. One study also found that CBD could potentially lead to liver failure in animals, so that’s something to consider when thinking about giving it to your beloved pet.

There have not been many claims that serious effects have happened to pets using CBD, but with such limited research, it’s hard to tell how any animal will react to the substance.

Choosing The Right Product

If you have done all your homework and are confident that your pet could benefit from the use of CBD, it’s essential to choose the right product. There are so many out there, and the market is competitive, so you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before going ahead and giving it to your pet.

The best way to tell if you are getting one of the more trustworthy products is by looking for any information regarding third-party testing. Various certificates will be displayed on the side to let you know that the quality of the product is what the website claims it is.

You also have to take into account the amount of THC the product has. There is very little research on how it affects pets, so you’ll want to get a product that contains none whatsoever to avoid any grave repercussions.

Using CBD to help your pet with chronic illness could be a great way to relieve their symptoms in a natural way. However, it’s important to cover all sides of the story before going ahead with just any product. I firmly believe that CBD is a great natural product with many promising medicinal uses. Still, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your furry best friend.