Decluttering is the first step you can take to simplify your life for the upcoming year. Removing all the unwanted ‘stuff’ that we have accumulated over the year (or years for many), can help us to look at the more challenging, often hidden things that also complicate our lives, like debt and mental clutter, just to name a few.

Decluttering allows us to let go and create space. But if you feel overwhelmed with stuff or struggle when it comes to letting go, start with things that don’t come with much emotional attachment—or at least, the items without positive emotional attachment.

Here is a list of 10 items to jumpstart your decluttering journey:

1. Clothes You Haven’t Worn For A Year (or more or ever): Clothing is a great place to start because it takes huge space in our wardrobe and is most often trend-driven. I for one tend to gravitate towards my favourite outfits, wearing the same things over and over again. If you are like me, why not find a good home for your clothes instead of taking up precious real estate in your wardrobe? Wash, iron and donate the stuff you don’t wear, because there are so many people out there who would really appreciate your cast-offs.

2. Empty Your Junk Drawer: It will probably take you half an hour or so, but make the time to sit down and go through your junk drawer/s. Toss out those items that have no name, no place, and no meaning instead of saving them just in case you might need them, chances are, you probably never will.

3. All Those Bottles Of Lotions And Potions: Because of my job, I get a lot of products from my editor to trial and review. I also have a weakness for anything beauty and can’t help but buy cutely packaged beauty products whenever I go down to town (which is like every weekend). Sort through your stash, donate the items that are new and not suitable for your skin/hair type, pass some to your family and friends and toss the rest.

4. All Those Lonely Items: If it can’t be used without its partner, and the partner has been MIA, it’s time to toss it out. For example – cassette tapes without a cassette player, Tupperware tops without containers, lone socks etc.

5. Your Kid’s stuff: Kids outgrow their clothes, toys and stuff really fast and there are so many families out there who would greatly benefit from these unwanted (in good condition) items. So sort out through the stuff, wash and clean those that are in good condition to be donated and toss out or recycle the rest.

6. Stale And Expired Food Items: Go through your pantry, freezer and refrigerator. Toss away anything and everything that is out of date, or opened and stale. If you find things that are still edible and not expired but you’ll never eat, bag it up and drop it at a homeless shelter. With so many animals and people in the world starving, we need to waste as little as possible and share what we can spare.

7. Extra Cutlery, Crockery And Tupperware: If you have two sets of dish-ware, silverware, or glassware, donate or giveaway the other set. If you love your good dishes, use and enjoy them every day. If they are stuck in a box somewhere and you never use them, give them to someone who will.

8. Other People’s Junk: If your home has become a dumping ground for friends and family, make a few phone calls and politely (but firmly) ask them to remove their stuff within a stipulated period of time.

9. Sentimental Stuff: While it’s hard to toss away sentimental items, letting go of things that remind you of people, places, and events that have hurt you in the past will make room for more joyful memories and less space for dust-bunnies.

10. Guilt: Holding on to guilt means holding onto the past and punishing yourself for past actions. Start the new year right by saying goodbye to guilt.

Letting go of these items will give you more space and a much needed sense of order. I hope you found this article useful and I hope the new year will be a better one for us all. Goodbye 2020, from all of us here at Lifestyle Collective.