I love my plants and often worry when I have to be away from home for a few days, because I live in an apartment complex and don’t know my neighbours well enough to ask them to help me water my plants.

Also, I have some more demanding plants like my maidenhair fern and calathea rosy that require daily watering and misting, and I can’t see any of my neighbours making the time to do that. The nightmare that I would come back home to dried or dying plants is a constant one, which is why after some frantic midnight googling, I have found some simple solutions for all you plant lovers out there.

So if you, like me, love your plant-babies and stress about who will care for them when you are away, here are some watering options:

Consider A Watering Globe

This works great for potted houseplants. Just fill the globe with water before you leave for your trip, and the end that’s inserted into the potting soil will slowly hydrate the plant as the soil gets dry. 

You can even DIY your own watering globe using an empty bottle. A small glass bottle is a good size for tabletop plants, while a screw-top wine bottle will work for large, floor-standing plants. All you have to do is punch several holes in the cap using a hammer and nail, fill the bottle with water, replace the cap, and stick the top of the bottle into the plant’s soil so at least two inches of the bottle is covered. The pressure of the water and soil should prevent all of the water from leaking out immediately, but water will drip out slowly when the soil is dry.

Fill Up Your Bathtub Or Sink

If you are heading out for a trip that is close to a week, thoroughly water your plants the night before or the day you are leaving (whichever works best for you). Place a towel at the bottom of a bathtub or sink and fill it with about two inches of water, and place your plants in the tub or the sink, where they will be able to soak up the water. 

Consider Hydroponic Planters

If you have to go away often for business or pleasure and are not comfortable leaving your house keys with your neighbours, hydroponic planters can be a worthwhile investment. These classic terracotta pots are encased in glass, creating a reservoir of water that will keep your plant hydrated, but without causing root rot.