According to Taiwanese dermatologist Dr Kelly Tang, facial fat is evenly distributed throughout our face in our youth. However, as we start to age, those same fats start to shift downwards, changing our appearance and face shape due to the uneven distribution of excess fat around the face.

So if you have excess fat around your cheeks or chin area that you can’t stand the sight of, you will be happy to hear that Derma Lab, the dermatological skincare brand, has launched a new age-defying serum, the AgeDefy Lipo Firming Serum that is designed to combat and break down stubborn excess facial fat cells with clinically proven results.

Derma Lab’s AgeDefy Lipo Firming Serum is not just for reducing those chubby bits on your face, It has also been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by 52.1%, and repair damaged skin while improving skin barrier function by 236%. Designed and formulated with Advanced Lipolysis Technology, this serum is a non-surgical and non-invasive method of reducing and breaking apart excess fat cells and volume of fatty tissue.

Three Reasons Why The AgeDefy Lipo Firming Serum Rocks

1. It Can Reduce Excess Facial Fat In 8 Days – Excess facial fat cells can now be eradicated without the need for painful, not to mention expensive surgical procedures. The serum has been clinically proven to reduce the amount of large adipocyte cells by 16.8% in just eight days, and reduce adipocyte size by 10% in eight days.

2. It Can Reduce Deep Wrinkles By 52.1% – Deep crevices and furrows are kept at bay by the serum which has been clinically proven to reduce the count and length of these wrinkle type by 52.1%. Skin moisture levels are also increased by 33.5% with Derma Mimic Complex, while 83% of the test subjects saw an improvement in overall skin elasticity. 

3. It Can Repair Damaged Skin By 236% – This serum puts up a good fight by repairing damaged skin to improve skin resilience against premature ageing. It also harnesses the power of Kombucha in its formulation to combat glycation, which contributes to intrinsic ageing.

To read our review about Derma Lab’s range of skin care products, go here. The Derma Lab AgeDefy Lipo Firming Serum retails for $69.90 for a 30ml bottle, and is available exclusively at Watsons online and Watson stores island wide.