By Aimee L

These products couldn’t have come at a better time, especially as I had broken out in a rash over the weekend. The problem with having sensitive skin is that you are severely restricted with what you can use. While this is not an issue when you are young (I am in my mid 20’s), it will become a problem as I age and my skin starts to require products with harsher actives.

Derma Lab products contain their Derma Mimic Complex, a revolutionary dermatology science that has been co-developed with dermatologists to help sensitive Asian skin to develop a stronger skin barrier. The Derma Mimic Complex works by helping to strengthen the skin’s foundation, making it better able to absorb the benefits of the skin care products used.

Derma Lab recently launched two brand new products to its collection:

Derma Lab Lumiclar Mandelic Renewal Serum 25ml, $59.90

Dull and listless skin is a result of a sluggish skin renewal process that is often the result of ageing, stress, and external aggressors. This serum, with 5% Mandelic Acid has been scientifically proven to gently dissolve dead skin cells and boost skin renewal by accelerating cell turnover to remove dead skin cells on the surface, unveiling radiant and luminous skin.

Derma Lab Sebumclar Cica Acne treatment 15g, $39.90

Stop acne bacteria in its tracks with this spot treatment with its trio of skin-clarifying ingredients of 2% Salicylic Acid which exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin cells both inside the pores and on the skin’s surface, Centella Asiatica Extract which visibly reduces redness and inflammation and speeds up the skin’s healing process, and Vitamin C to lighten acne marks and suppress melanin production, resulting in fast acting, yet gentle acne busting.

Other than for the two exciting new launches, the brand is also well known for its best-selling star products: Derma Lab Lumiclar Pure Vitamin C $69 which contains one of the highest concentrations of dermatological grade Vitamin C, Derma Lab lumiclar Anti-Hyperpigmentation Serum $39.90 with Resveratrol famed as being a potent spot eliminator, Derma Lab Hydraceutic doublePower Vitamin Concentrate $49.90 with skin soothing 5% Vitamin B5, Derma Lab Hydraceutic Ceramide Repair Liquid $39.90 with Ceramides 1, 3 and 6 to strengthen the skin barrier and repair dry, sensitive skin and the Derma Lab Hydraceutic Cera-Repair Cream $39.90 with ceramides 1, 3 and 6 to strengthen the skin barrier and repair dry, sensitive skin.

Derma Lab products are exclusively available at and Watsons stores islandwide.