Yumcha Studios just launched an integrated bilingual learning system to improve learners’ English and Chinese simultaneously with draw-along interactive sessions to build cultural confidence, global competence and creativity.

The world we live in right now is a kaleidoscopic blend of cultures and values across borders as a result of globalization. And learning customs beyond your own opens the way to fields, such as foreign history, economy, archaeology, arts and literature.

The Chinese language is the most spoken language in the world, with over a billion native speakers. China’s years of history and literature has bred a language that is powerful, intimate and reflective of the nation’s rich heritage. For aspiring learners, especially English speakers, mastering a language that isn’t accustomed to the Latin alphabet could seem like a formidable task. One of the things to point out about picking up Chinese could be that to be proficient, learners must memorize thousands of characters. 

An Innovative Approach To Learning

When even adults find a task too laborious, this could end up rubbing off on our children. As a result, too many children find that learning their mother tongue, or a third language intimidating. However, the assumption that the Chinese language is difficult to learn is probably because of the way traditional scholars approach it. With characters and strokes that tell a story, the best way to look at this is through art. 

Yumcha Studios gets this going with their Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠® integrated bilingual learning system. The creators of critically acclaimed Dim Sum Warriors graphic novels and the giant musical adaptation that toured major cities in China are blurring the lines between fun and learning with hilarious multilingual comics, crazy characters and engaging games. 

The young minds of children have an astounding ability to absorb and comprehend their surroundings – but the wrong learning environment could stunt this growth in kids. Given the right guidance, young children are able to acquire knowledge and skills at a faster pace. With art, kids are able to express themselves in a personal way and develop their creativity. This in turn helps them retain information better. 

Help Your Kids Indugle In Some Fun This Holiday Season

Confucius once said “Education breeds confidence.” This adaptation of pedagogy is a result of education experts and award-winning creatives partnering to use cutting-edge literacy research and art to build multilingual habits, confidence and mastery on a multifaceted system. 

The Dim Sum Warriors experience is an ideal gift for your kids this holiday season as it consists of adorable comics, a free-to-download mobile app with vocabulary-building games, reading-recognition technology that provides feedback on fluency and draw-along JAM sessions. Furthermore, this enriching system is designed to meet the OECD’s new PISA Global Competence Framework and is certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland, one of the world’s leading edtech impact verification services. 

Education professor and award-winning filmmaker Dr. Woo Yen Yen, along with award-winning screenwriter and cartoonist of New York Times bestselling books Collin Goh and joined together to host a completely free Dim Sum Warriors bilingual comic JAM. Sessions are held online on Saturdays through the month, and what you get is a tailored encounter in a truly immersive learning environment. Drawings are brought to life with creative stories to form lasting and tangible connections with Chinese and English. 

As Your Kids Deserve Only The Best

With Ivy league qualifications, native speaking capabilities and professional experience from over the world, Dr Woo Yen Yen and Collin Goh are probably the best people to impart this knowledge to your children. Being parents themselves, they have seen too many children afraid of speaking chinese for fear of being judged or making mistakes. Especially in children who tend to speak english at home, they would avoid the language completely, seeing it as merely an exam hurdle to get past. To build familiarity in english-speaking students, the creators tend to code switch during workshops. For example, the word “baguette” is often referred to the more commonly heard “bak kut teh” in Hokkien dialect due to its phonetic similarities.

At the best possible age to pick up linguistic habits, children aged Kindergarten to Primary 5 can join these sessions for free to simultaneously improve their language abilities and find their own voice through self-expression. In this day and age, learning should not be seen as a tedious affair but an enjoyable one. And this is exactly what Dim Sum Warrior JAM sessions can help achieve. So scratch all your associations with gruelling, boring lessons, and turn to arts for acquiring knowledge. This holiday season, the best gift you can give your children is to turn learning into fun.

Find out more about Yumcha Studios here and help your kids join the Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual JAM on Facebook here.