Insufficient sleep (a shout out to my cat Pumpkin), stress (thank you Covid-19) and ageing can all play havoc on one’s memory and ability to focus, so when I heard that a brain-boosting drink had hit our shores, I just had to give it a go.

Formulated with the intention of encouraging the body, mind and spirit to be interdependent and one with nature, the Mental Drink is a tasty and well-balanced combination of adaptogens, nootropics and vitamins – supplements that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions such as memory, creativity, and motivation.

This unique formula incorporates ingredients like Ashwagandha – one of the most powerful medicinal plants used to protect the immune system, Sea Buckthorn, Papaya, Ginger and Green Tea, amongst many others.

This non-caffeinated formula can be consumed either hot or cold or even at room temperature. It tastes like very lightly flavoured ginger water with a hint of sweetness and heat to it, and was designed for individuals of any age, seeking high levels of concentration.

Sluggish after a long night of tossing and turning and shouting at my cat to stop being a d***, I decided to give the drink a try. After chugging down a can, I found myself able to concentrate enough to complete several articles without too much effort or mistakes, so maybe it does work?

I’m not sure as it’s still early days, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a go on the off chance that it can help focus one’s mind and improve one’s memory and concentration.

I have already added five cans to my basket on Redmart, for when I need that added boost of concentration and focus.

A can of NATURALBOOM retails for $4.90 and is available on Lazada, Redmart and Shopee.